Posts That Make me Go BOOM! {10}

I have been reading a LOT lately.

It’s mostly because I am trapped under a baby.  Ok, trapped is a bad word, because really, I don’t think there is anything more lovely than having an infant curled up under your chin.

Because Charlie has developed a penchant for sleeping with a buddy this week, I have developed a new system:  I read everything I see posted on facebook, twitter, and in my google reader.

If it’s so good I can hardly stand it, I save the link for this post.

The downside is that I don’t get to comment on much, but I DO read more, and that is more fun for me, honestly.

Anyway, I have a LOT of great things I hope you didn’t miss this week.

The new movie, Bully, is coming out soon and many bloggers have been posting about bullying to spread the word.  I am actually doing a post about this at BNV on Tuesday, but a few of my fave posts this week were from JR at Sex and the Single Dad with his post, Bully and Alex at Late Enough with her post We Are All Bystanders of Bullying. It is Time to Speak Up.

And oh my Lordy be, My Toddler is a Supervillian brings another awesome one with The Day Before Easter–or as I like to call it, Armageddon Saturday. I simultaneously feel better about myself and see myself in her situations.  And yes, I have wanted to “skillet” my son before.

I caught this one from The Power of Moms as a link that was shared on facebook: Your Children Want YOU! As soon as I shared it on facebook, I had a bunch of comments thanking me for sharing it.  Trust me.  If you have kids and feel like you’re just not good enough most days, you NEED to read this.

I don’t normally promote The Bloggess, because she does that quite well on her own, but this one hit me right in my anxiety-ridden face: Amelia and Me.

And lastly, I made a new friend today via the twitters (I’ll tell that story at a later time), and when I clicked to her blog, my mouth fell open.  The post that stared at me was exactly, exactly what I feel.  Read Breaking the Lies of Silence by  Kacia of Coconut Robot


Want some more of my writing?  I have a post over at Borderless News and Views today about how the chores are (or aren’t) distributed in many households called Honey Do or Honey Don’t?

Posts That Made me Go BOOM {7}

Hello and happy weekend!

Hopefully you’ve had a lovely week and are looking for some good reads to start your weekend, because I’ve got ’em for you!

Even though I don’t have daughters, I am usually drawn to posts about raising them…maybe because I’m a girl…I don’t know.  This week I read something by Elizabeth from The Writer Revived about her aversion to Barbie in her piece Lessons from Barbie. I think her piece was really thought out–even if I disagree about Barbie being bad.  What do you think?

Any of you who follow me on twitter know that from time to time I love to “live tweet” certain TV events.  Red Carpet coverage (um…OSCARS tomorrow!!!), Worst Cooks on Food Network, and from time to time political stuff.  That is why I LOVED Elena’s (of Ciao Mom) post The Tweet to Television Connection. Have you noticed shows have hashtags for you to use now?  Is TV affected by twitter?  Awesomely thoughtful piece.

I have to admit, many times I click over to read Babble posts because the readers/commenters crack me up.  I have no idea where they come from with their snarky attitudes, but Beth Anne’s (The Heir to Blair) response to some naysayers about working moms made me stand up and slow clap this week. My favorite quote in her piece, Where I Address a Really Obnoxious Opinion, is this: “Working mothers don’t like being told that we don’t parent, just like stay at home mothers don’t like being told that they don’t work.”  Boom, BA.  Boom.

And lastly, my love Kimberly of All Work and No Play Make Mommy Go Something Something wrote a beautiful piece about how difficult postpartum depression made it to bond with her son in her piece Bonding over at Jenna’s place, Made More Beautiful. This piece makes my heart so happy…because despite all the shit of going through depression, Kim and Chunky have one of the best momma/son relationships ever.


Looking for more of my writing?

I had two pieces this week at Borderless News and Views: No Free Speech in Schools and My Invitation to Rick Santorum.

I also had a poem published this week at Every Day Poets: sticks and stones.


Posts That Make Me Go BOOM! {3}

Happy Saturday to you!

I’m not sure about you, but my Saturday has started out sort of slow and lazy.  I mean, it’s almost 11am and I am JUST getting around to putting up this post.

And I don’t even feel bad about it because I was up late having dinner out with my best guy, and then both of my guys let me sleep until almost 10am!  That alone makes me go BOOM!

This week was unbelievably busy again, but this time it was almost all work-related.  End of the semester, you know.  So I didn’t get around to many of my regular spots.  But I did (thanks mostly to twitter and facebook), find some pretty sweet nuggets you should read if you haven’t.

Early in the week I clicked over to Jillsmo’s blog, Yeah Good Times, to read a piece she did about her opinion on the connection between vaccines and autism called Autism and Vaccines: MY Opinion.  The whole of my experience with autism comes from teaching teenagers and reading the occasional blog post.  I found this very well-written…and I actually enjoyed reading all the comments as well.

My friend Casey of Moosh in Indy did a post this week about telling stories with words and/or pictures called story pictures. story words.  I am fairly sure I have never met someone who could give encouragement so beautifully and sincerely to so many people.  I may have copied all the quotes from this post and put them around my desk at work.

Liz of A Belle, A Bean, and A Chicago Dog did a very short, concise, easy to understand post about where Google Friend Connect is going and what you should do if you want to read all your favorite blogs that aren’t using Blogger (ahem…THIS ONE) in her post SOS, RSS, GFC and Other Bloggy Acronyms. If you’re not on Blogger and you use GFC, you’ll want this info.  If you read blogs using GFC, you’ll want this info.

This post by Amy at The Pregnant Chicken was floating around facebook, but I never clicked over for whatever reason.  But then someone tweeted it TO me and I couldn’t help it.  And I am SOOO glad I did.  Even if you are not pregnant, you will appreciate the eye candy in Porn for Pregnant Ladies.

This week I am going to leave you with a very thought-provoking post by Rita at Surrender, Dorothy about the different ways girls and boys are treated.  Is this a sensitive perception?  Is this sexist reality?  I really loved the way she presented this with a mix of humor and seriousness:  Don’ts for Wives and Other Things that People Used to and Still Do Think About Women.

So there you have it.  Some weekend reading.

What did I miss?  Anything I should have included but didn’t?  You can tell me, I still have coffee left in this cup…I need something to read.