Bloggers who make me go BOOM! {15}

Hey there!  Happy Saturday!

If you’re in the States, Happy Memorial Day!

I’ve been reading all over the internets this week, but again, it was mostly under a baby (which, I have to say, is pretty awesome.), so you get some more of the bloggers from my Google Reader this week.

Continuing from last week, alphabetically…

1. Heir to Blair. I’m fairly certain Beth Anne has no idea I read her dang blog.  I mean, I never comment, which is weird because I feel like BA and I would be tight if we lived anywhere remotely near each other.  In fact, when we met last August at BlogHer, it was sort of surreal for me. There she was, with her pretty hair, just being there.  I regret the stupid depression I had going on at the time.  I would have mauled her and then bought her a drink.  We are frighteningly similar right down to the unbelievably adorable blond-haired almost-three-year old.

2. Late Enough. If BA has no idea I’m reading her blog, Alex probably thinks I’m a stalker. I want to be Alex when I grow up.  She writes awesome pieces for various places and still has dance parties with her kids.  WITH A FOG MACHINE!  She claims to be super awkward, which just means she’s my type of people.

3. in these small moments. Sigh.  I miss Nichole. Her blog was the first to make me actually swoon while reading it.  We were roommates at BlogHer last year and she is just as sweet and sincere in real life.  I get sad when I see her blog go un-updated, but know she is doing such big things with her words (since I read them elsewhere).  She is the first person to tell me I was a writer, and she has been encouraging me ever since.

4. Letters for Lucas. I’m fairly convinced that Tonya is the big sister I never had. She is another of my roommates from BlogHer and really, I only sort of read her blog from time to time before that.  Now I read hers FIRST if I see it’s been updated.  I hang on her words with the memory of staying up way too late and chatting.  She is an inspiration to me and a daily reminder that there are wonderful people in the world.

5. No Points For Style. If Tonya is my big sister I never had, Adrienne is the awesome next door neighbor with kids older than mine that I never had.  It is on my bucket list to sit across a table from her with coffee and a delicious baked treat.  Her advocacy for her son…and all her children…despite the circumstances are heroic to me.

So there you go.  Five more bloggers you should be reading.

Go ahead.

Check them out.

And have a great holiday weekend!