First Day of First Grade

Dear Eddie,

Today is your first day of First Grade! Last week we went to open house and you met Mrs. D and saw your classroom. Your face when you realized that you had a DESK that OPENED instead of just a table with a bag on the back of your chair was priceless!

2015-09-02 17.02.27

This year is already so different than last year.

Last year we had already had many, many nights of tears and concerns as you talked out your fears and anxieties of starting Kindergarten. At orientation last year, you looked at me with trepidation in your eyes as we left you in your class so we could go to the gym for the parent portion of the night. You needed a quick hug before we walked just down the hall.

This year we walked into the school as a family and you showed us right where the sunshine room was, giving your last year’s K teacher a fist bump on your way. I love your confidence! I love the way you walk into some place like you own it.

Once in your classroom, I could tell you were a bit more cautious since it was new, but we found your desk, did the activities your teacher had listed, and you turned them in. Later you told me you were a little scared to talk to your new teacher, but you told me, “I pushed down the scared and did it anyway!”

You are so brave.

You are going to rock first grade, and I am so excited for you!

First grade was wonderful for me. I remember learning to read {which you learned last year!} and doing math {which you also learned last year}. My most vivid memory from first grade was being in the “Hamburger” reading group–which was the most advanced. Some of those kids became my friends all the way through high school since we stayed in advanced classes together until graduation.

I had my first sleepover in first grade. I also collected stickers in my sticker book and traded popbeads with friends. I played kick ball at recess and came home super grubby every day. Ask Grandma–she will tell you about how I didn’t have any pants without holes in the knees that she had to patch. That was also the year I fell off the top of the SUPER tall slide and landed on my back, knocking the wind right out of me.

You gave yourself a fat lip just yesterday by helping me in my classroom! Well, you weren’t helping at the time. You were using my student desks as a jungle gym and you fell on your face, biting your lip. We mopped up the blood and I gave you a sucker and you were better again.

That is just you right now–sort of klutzy. You don’t really look where you are going most of the time and you trip over your own feet. I blame the fact that you grew two inches in less than six months. You’re all floppy and long all of a sudden. You’re such a…big kid.

I’ve always thought of first graders as being little and tiny, but you seem neither little nor tiny to me. As you say you’re a “big kid going into the number grades!”

So hooray for the first grade and all the new friends and experiences you will have!

I can’t wait to pick you up this afternoon and hear all about it!

I love you!