My Favorite Time of Day

He’s looking for me when I walk up, straining to see around the other kids and the tall adults. When he spots me, he smiles and heads right for me.

As soon as he gets within earshot, he starts talking:

Mom do you know what?

Mom, I found a book with George AND Katy No Pockets in it!

Mom, can I look at the book when we get to the car?

Guess what? I was sort of bad at school today, but actually it was a great day I mean.

And guess what? Gionna was the baddest at school today because she laughed at me when I dropped my book box. That isn’t even kind.

And guess what? There is a kid named Brennon who sings “Pharaoh,¬†Pharaoh” with different words. Isn’t that weird? I didn’t tell him it’s weird¬†though.

Hey mom, guess what? This is my apple chart. This one goes up to 100. That number is so big. Actually 1000 is bigger, but I don’t know how to write that yet. But I bet I will soon.

Guess what? I got a coupon for a free pizza because I read every day in October.

And mom? Can I just say something? I was really hoping I could pick a piece of my candy for a snack when we get home.

Hey mom? Can you carry my backpack? This book is pretty heavy and I’m not done looking at all the different illustrators in this book yet. I think Daddy is going to be excited to read one of these chapters tonight.

Mom! You forgot to take all those posters out of your car! I bet you couldn’t carry them all because you didn’t have me and Charlie to help you out like on the other day at your school.

And it goes on.

And on.


I love it. All of it.

Some days I forget that he was a late talker. That he had no word for me until he was nearly three, only two short years ago. Especially when he says things like, “perhaps you and daddy can take turns reading the chapters in my new library book.”


He kills me every day from the minute I pick him up to the second his dad and brother get home.

It’s my favorite time of day.

33 weeks is brought to you by two goof balls and a lamby

33 weeks

That means 6 weeks until Charlie’s debut.

As of my appointment on Friday everything looks (and sounds) fine and dandy.

Plus I lost two pounds.

Which my OB is not worried about since I started with…um…extra.


I’m carrying higher and more in front this time.

Which means my shirts want to let the belly flow in the breeze from below.

Not my favorite thing, but whatever.

Sir Charles is training for the summer Olympics in there…I am sure of it.

My students just shake their heads and laugh when I walk past.

I think that’s a “big” joke, but I don’t even care anymore.

Big brother Prince Edward is excited…and concerned about what he will have to share ’round the Nation.

He should be excited….and concerned.

Our reality is about to change.


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