contests for you and for me! wee!

There are lots of blogs that do some sort of weekend wrap up of stuff they like to read or cool things around the internet.

I love those blogs and look forward to some great posts and deals each weekend while I sip my decaf coffee and nom on a bagel cookie.

This weekend I have something to share with you! Something BIG!

My good friends over at Tiny Prints just gave me the heads up about The Tiny Prints Talent Search Contest!

People?  This is AWESOME (and you KNOW I will be entering the Sluiters)!!

First place gets $1000, a gift certificate to Tiny Prints for $500, AND a featured spot in the Tiny Prints 2012 campaign!

Talk about a HUGE prize right before Christmas!

I know we could use it! With a new baby coming, we need us some Tiny Prints announcements…and the money would buy us at least a week’s worth of diapers.

You should enter too!  There are five categories:

  1. Cutest baby (age 0-24 months)
  2. Cutest kid (ages 25 months – 10 years)
  3. Cutest family (um, the Sluiters…duh…but you should enter too)
  4. Cutest couple
  5. Cutest pet and owner

After the entry period (until November 21), the entire community will be able to vote!

So how do you enter? It’s super easy…Tiny Prints facebook page or the Tiny Prints website.

Like the fine print?  You can go here to read the Official Rules of the contest.

So go enter!


Sluiters LOVE photo contests!  In fact…

I entered a picture that the lovely Missy of mL photography took of Cort and I into a contest.  The top 10 photos in this facebook album with the most “likes” will get a chance to win.  The prize?  The photo turned into a piece by Modern Bird Studios.  This is really, reallyall I want for Christmas.

So if you are on facebook, and you want to go “like” Modern Bird Studios and then “like” our photo?  That would make my holiday.

And then go enter the Tiny Prints Talent Search Contest!

She Does It All…No Really…She Does IT ALL.

Ok so you all tell me I do a lot.

But I have a friend.

Oh yes, I have a friend.

back when we met in college. always goofy.

You may have heard me mention her once in a while.  She has a little photography business that my family may frequent.

Missy Widener is probably the most energetic, giving, kind, thoughtful woman I know.

She has been moving and shaking since our college years when she quit to move to New York City to pursue her goal of acting.  Then she moved out to LA.  She was doing everything I was too scared to ever do.

When she got married and settled down back in the area, she never really “settled down”.

No way.  She got herself a teaching degree, had herself three of the most gorgeous kids I have ever seen, and started a little business that exploded into a HUGE business (because she is that awesome).

photo credit: Whitney Jill Photography

I am fairly certain this woman doesn’t sleep.

If she is not up at all hours editing zillions of photos from her shoots (because she refuses to keep people waiting), she is thinking up thoughtful and fun ways to keep her friends smiling.

Rock on DJ Lance Rock!

During her last pregnancy, she not only handled having HORRIBLE vericose veins (she had to wear tights and then have surgery), but she ran around beaches taking pictures of families and toddlers, planned and ran family events for her own family, and baked up a storm for those in need.

Once her little man was here?  She did NOT slow down.  This girl had THREE surgeries on her legs and still managed to bring treats to her daughters school for all the teachers and work with the PTA there.  She kept her booming business going and plotted with another one of our friends to get me out of the house for a girls night to fight my PPD.

And even though her own birthday loomed near?  She ignored it and had a Yo Gabba Gabba first birthday complete with games, a bounce house, and dancing for her littlest and a tea party for her oldest princess.

She does it ALL.

stress relief

And she does it all with a smile on her face.  Because it’s the only way she knows how.  And we all love her for it!

She deserves a break.  A fabulous, fun, lovely break.  I just wish I could give it to her.

This post is my nomination for Missy Widener to win the Centrum Ultra women’s holiday contest.  She is the most giving, energetic woman I know.  She deserves this.

This has been done in conjunction with One To One Network, of which I am a member.