Mommy at Heart

In December, the day before Cort’s 33rd birthday, a plane landed in Grand Rapids with his sister, his brother-in-law, and his two nephews…fresh from Ethiopia.

I’ve mentioned the adoption many times on facebook and twitter and have linked to MacKenzie’s blog so you can read about their journey.

Adoption is not new in the Sluiter Family.

Cort’s Grandpa and Grandma Sluiter fostered children while raising eight of their own children.

Cort’s Aunt and Uncle have seven adopted children and one biological.

Another Aunt and Uncle adopted a son after raising three biological children to high school age.

After my second miscarriage, Cort and I prayed a lot about what to do next.  We held hands as I told him I had one more try left in me.  If that resulted in miscarriage I simply did not have any room left in my heart for pregnancy.  It was too painful.  And so, the summer of 2008 we prayed the question, “baby by pregnancy or adoption”

And the Lord sent us Eddie.

In 2010, shortly before Eddie turned a year old, MacKenzie and Dave sat with us and told us they felt called to start a family…through international adoption.

You can read their story, but I literally jumped out of my chair and mauled MacKenzie with hugs and love.

They felt their children were in Ethiopia, and they were right.

Cort and I haven’t let the idea of adoption go completely just because we have been blessed with two healthy biological sons, but it’s not up for discussion right now either.

Even though we are not necessarily ever going to adopt, we are still active in advocating for adoption and children’s charities. I have participated in fundraising for MacKenzie and Dave, but also for my friends Kacia and Diana.

And recently, ever since reading about how Beth Anne’s family sponsors a child, I have been praying about doing that too.

While it has been on my heart, I got an email from Reece at Mommy At Heart. All she asked of me was a possible facebook post or a tweet or two about their super cute mom shirts that help to raise money for different charities, this month, Brittany’s Hope Foundation.

As I poked around the sites, my heart exploded.

While yes the shirts are super cute…

What’ll ya have, Mac? I mean, Ed?

…but I after reading about how $5 of each sale goes to a charity, and then spending an almost embarrassing amount of time on Brittany’s Hope Foundation’s site, I immediately emailed Reece back that I really, REALLY wanted to share this on my blog.

It’s too important to me.

Please check out Mommy at Heart, and maybe get a shirt.  You can get 25% off your order with the code KATIES00READERS093 from now through August 31st.  Every shirt you buy sends $5 to Brittany’s Hope Foundation and helps orphaned children all over the world.

And then I encourage you to take one step further and check out Brittany’s Hope Foundation.  Just look around. They are not an adoption agency, but they do help orphans who are waiting for a forever home.  Maybe by visiting, your heart will be moved to do more than buy a T-shirt.  Maybe you will feel the tug I do…to do more.

The Legal Stuff: I was not compensated in any way for this post.  Mommy at Heart asked for a tweet, and I gave a blog post.  That is how important this is to me.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.