Posts That Made Me Go BOOM! {2}

Welcome to the weekend.

If the view out your window today is anything like ours, I hope you have a snuggly blanket, a hot cup of coffee, and endless time to read, nap, and enjoy your Saturday.

By the way, the view out my window is 18 degrees and snow-filled.

Michigan gets cold this time of year.

Anyway, hopefully you have some time to read some great posts because I have a great line up for you!

You really need to start with a birth story because, well, come on.  Birth stories are so fun to read!  My wonderful friend, Emily of DesignHer Momma, gave birth to her fourth child, Paul Richard, on Friday and shared his birth story this week: Paul, you were born on a cold and windy night… Her strength and will completely amaze me. This post made me sad and totally glad at the same time that I would not ever go through this again.

Speaking of miracles, as irreverent (and AWESOME) Aunt Becky can be she never takes for granted how precious life is.  This week she reminded readers of this in a cafemom post: My Daughter Makes Me Believe in Miracles.  Nuf’ said.

Another one ’bout sweet Aunt Becky, but not written by her is this rap on Band Back Together Mimi’s Rap. For the simple facts that it is awesome, The Band is awesome, and I said so.

One of my new favorite weekly reads is Tonya’s (of Letters for Lucas) Letters For You series.  This week she had Liz (of a Belle, a Bean, and a Chicago Dog) to her blog writing a letter to “that” mom…I think we have all been around this woman, and it feels good to have Liz tell her off via this letter:  Blah, Blah, Blah.

And the BIGGEST Boom I uttered this week was after reading Ryan’s letter to H & M, H&M, I Quit You. The Woven Moments is a new blog to me, but I will definitely be back.  If for nothing else than to follow this journey and hope something great comes of it (ps, as a bonus you should read her reply to an email she got from H&M after the incident), but more likely because her writing jumps out at me as being fricking great.


Yup, that’s the sound of greatness.

(for more great pics this week, check out Natalie’s picks over at Mommy of a Monster and Twins)

Posts That Made Me Go “Boom!”

This has been a busy week on the ole interwebs.

So let’s get this list of suggestions started, shall we?

First of all, I had no idea when I posted about my decision to have another C-section that others would be posting about potential controversial subjects too and that tempers would roar and lash out against those of us who have gone the way less chosen.  AND Anderson Cooper aired a show today fanning the flames of the SAHM vs Working Mom fires.

Things got crazy, people.

There were lots of posts written in response to all this Mommy War business, but my favorite by far was by Tracy at Sellabit Mum:  Mommy Wars–Let’s End it Over a Glass of Red Wine.  She added much-needed brevity and laughter to this ridiculous situation.  And reminded me of how much I miss a nice glass of vino.

Moving along….because I was thinking about Charlie coming on March 13, I have been fantasizing about what it will be like to be a mom to TWO boys.  KLZ at Taming Insanity recently joined this club and she is not helping my eagerness to get Charlie here.  Check out Before and After.  Not only will you giggle, you will swoon.

This question surfaced a bunch this week too: Why do we blog? I have read a number of posts this week about making money blogging, writing to get the words out, blogging for others, blogging to cope, blogging for funsies.  And then I read frustrated bloggers question loss of subscribers/readers.  Who do we blog for?  John of Daddy Runs A Lot did a good job rambling working through this question in his post Where I Blog About Blogging.

Sometimes you’re reading along in your reader and you HAVE to click through because something hits you in the face with its beauty and clarity.  That is how I felt reading Music Melts All the Separate Parts of Our Bodies Together by the lovely Cameron of Cameron G. Garriepy. It reminded me so much of Eddie, that tears welled up.

And lastly, you need to read Being Grateful and Warm by Sherri of Old Tweener.  Somehow she is able to take what I think and describe it so eloquently, I have no need to ever post about it.  Just give you the link to her words.  And this post?  Oh this is something I turn over in my heart a lot.

These posts all made me sit back in my chair and utter, “BOOM!”

I think you’ll see what I mean.

Oh, and if you need some more?  Jog on over to Natalie at Mommy of  a Monster and Twins for some more good reads!

Happy reading…and happy weekend.