Bloggers that Make me Go BOOM! {14}

So I have been reading more blogs than ever lately, but have very little freedom to comment (I blame the small man who sleeps on me for much of the day).

Due to my lack of typing, I have also been slack in remembering to mark posts for my BOOM rundown.

So instead of specific posts, I’m just going to tell you five bloggers you should be reading…no subscribing to…every day.

Because I’m completely lazy it’s easier, I am going to start at the top of my google reader.

So today, the blogs you should add to your subscription list are…

1. A Belle, A Bean, and A Chicago DogLiz has been uber helpful to me in my bloggy newb-ness throughout the past couple years, and helped me launch the Sluiter Nation Recruits guest series I do {almost} every Wednesday. She keeps up on the latest and greatest in social media and is always happy to answer a question…no matter how dumb you think it is.  Plus?  She is the master mind behind I Was A #SeniorHottie.  Awesome.

2. All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something. Kimberly is my sista from another mista.  She and I met through our mutual hell of PPD/A, but we have stuck together because we both laugh at dirty jokes, swear when the babies aren’t around, and roundhouse kick in gold spandex.  No, that’s just her.  But I would do it too if I had a booty that looked that good in gold spandex.  If you need to laugh?  Kim will break your spleen with the funny.

3. Arms Wide Open. Oh Grace. She kills me with the beauty her words drip.  She is my American-Living-in-Mexico Sista from another mista.  We have both suffered PPD/A, we both have two little boys, we both speak the Spanish (she better than I), and we both have super wonderful husbands.  Plus did I mention her words bring a ray of delight into my day?

4. Bad Words. Tulpen had the fat lady sing on her blog quite a while back now, but…but…I just couldn’t bring myself to unsubscribe…just in case. And low and behold…her words still show up here from time to time.  You know you’ve found an amazing writer when they tell you they are done, but you can’t let go just in case.

5. DesignHer Momma. Emily is from my home town.  She graduated from high school with my  husband (the year after I did).  Her family is still here, so I get to see her from time to time.  We lost touch all through college, but blogging reunited us.  She is that person I know will tell me if I have lost my mind in this world of blogging and social media.  In fact, a post she wrote after having her first son (third child), made me  realize I needed to seek professional help for my PPD.  I picture her silently nodding when I do something good, and shaking her head and giving me a quick DM when I mess up.  Also?  She is the second person I blame for my blogging.

That’s it.  This week’s installment of BOOM.

Go follow these people.

And tune in next week for the next five in my reader.

Or maybe I’ll give you posts next week.

Or nothing at all because it’s Memorial Day weekend and I’ll be busy doing nothing.

You  just never know what I’ll do.