Bloggers that make me go BOOM {20}…and a recipe!

It’s been a couple weeks since I shared some lovely bloggers with you, so it’s about time I do that again.

Here you go…

Our Simple Lives…I never ever miss a post by Mark. I started reading his blog when I heard ’round the water cooler that is facebook and twitter that this was happening in his life.  His is one of the few that once I started reading, I went back and slowly read every post.  Ok, I read them all in one night and didn’t get to bed until like 2am.  But when you say it that way, I am a total stalker.  Whatevs.  Mark LOVES me.

The Adventures of Daddy Runs A Lot. Huh.  Another “daddy blogger.”  I can’t help it.  A dude that can write is tops in my book, and John‘s stories are the shiz. Not only does he have super cute kids, but he is a bit obsessed with taking self-portraits on instagram. Anyone who loves himself that much is either an arrogant ass or pretty neat.  He is lucky he’s pretty neat.

This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff. This is a group blog of sorts that does reviews and giveaways and is run by the impeccable Alex (of Late Enough fame).  I like it because it’s not full of useless stuff like some blogs like this. And it doesn’t post 1437593 times a day.  Just  a few times a week.  It’s good stuff.

The SITS Girls. One of the only “community” sites I still follow and participate in.  I love that they showcase blogs as well as give tips for blogging and social media.  As someone who has been around these parts for awhile, I even find helpful stuff.  That says a lot for the quality content of SITS.

What To Read To Your Kids. I found this little blog through a friend.  It’s her sister-in-law.  I love it because it gives me wonderful ideas of books on all sorts of subject to read to Eddie and Charlie.  I have put MANY of the book suggestions on this blog on Eddie’s wish list.

That’s it.  We made it to the bottom of my reader!

So you get a bonus!  A recipe!

(I have no idea how these things are related, but I love these and want to share them with you).

Lemon Glazed Cookies

In full disclosure, I got the recipe from my Real Simple magazine ages ago and just tried the recipe this week because lemon = summer to me.

The Stuff you Need for the Cookies:

3/4 cup unsalted butter (at room temperature)
3/4 cup sugar
2 large egg yolks
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
2 cups all-purpose flour

The Stuff you Need for the Glaze:

1 cup confectioners’ sugar
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (+ more if necessary)
1 teaspoon grated lemon zest

What you Need to Do:

> with an electric mixer, beat the butter and the sugar until fluffy.
> add the egg yolks, vanilla, and salt and beat to combine.
> gradually add the flour, mixing until just incorporated.

>Divide the dough in half and shape each into 1 1/4-inch-diameter logs. (he he…”logs”)
>Wrap them in wax paper and stick them in the fridge for 30ish minutes so they firm up.

>Preheat the oven to 350 F.
>open up your logs (he he!) and slice into 3/8-inch pieces and line ’em up on a baking sheet. (you can use parchment paper, but I just used air-bake cookie sheets)
> Bake 16-20 minutes (until lightly golden).
>let them cool for about 5 minutes on the baking sheets and then transfer to a cookie wrap to cool all the way.

>make your glaze by whisking the confectioners’ sugar, lemon juice, and zest (should be a thickish, but pourable…this is where you may have to add extra lemon juice).
>dip the top of each cookie into the glaze and then let set about 15 minutes.

Then…enjoy a cookie…

…or three.

Happy Saturday.

Bloggers That Make Me Go BOOM! {19}

Hey friends.

After last week’s hiatus from the bloggers due to Eddie’s birthday, I am BACK with some more people you should go read.  Here they are…straight from my Google Reader…

1. Coconut Robot: Kacia is my newest friend.  She was just here guest posting last week and I just love, love, LOVE her.  She is honest and true and sweet.  And she is just so cute I want to put her in my pocket and take her with me wherever I go. Plus she uses the “+” for the word “and” and that is just charming.

2. Kvetch Mom: Oh Jen.  Hilariously irreverent at times and poignantly lovely at others.  One day I clicked a post that everyone and their mom was retweeting on twitter and BOOM…new favorite blogger.  She kills it every time.  Also? I secretly love that she doesn’t post daily because it means that my reader isn’t overflowing with unread items taunting me and mocking my busy life.

3. Spilled Milk and Other AtrocitiesLaw Momma was just here on Wednesday as this week’s Sluiter Nation Recruit.  I mentioned then how much I love her words.  But did I mention how I admire her?  Because I do.  This past year I read her words as she went through an unexpected divorce, made peace (over and over again) with her new role as single mom, and even jumped into the world of dating again.  I admire the crap out of her and consider her an inspiration.

4. Mama Wants This! Alison is a Malaysian Sensation (yes, Alison, I have been waiting forEVER to type that)!  She is a mom to two boys…just like me!  Her older is almost three…similar to Eddie!  Her baby was just born…sort of like Charlie!  And she has a hot husband…just like me!  Every single time I post about anything at all that has to do with this mom of two thing…the struggles and the joys…I know Alison gets my drift.  Every time.  Plus?  Her words kill me with beauty.

5. My Toddler is a Supervillian. I have no idea who writes this blog. Once upon a time she wrote a post about how much she hates The Pioneer Woman and I developed a mad bloggy crush.  She reluctantly joined twitter only to never tweet.  She is a mystery, but she posts from time to  time and I DIE every time.  She is snarky, flippant, droll, and hilarious.  HILARIOUS. I rarely comment because I just don’t know what I would say to match how I feel.  Which is this:  O_O only with tears of laughter rolling down my face.

There you have it.  Five more blogs to occupy what little time you have this summer to read blogs.

You. Are. Welcome.

Oh, and Happy Saturday.

Bloggers Who Make Me Go BOOM! {16}

This week?  I have read nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

I have been busy every single day this week.

But here are five more bloggers I WILL catch up on…because I love them!

1. Old Tweener. I can’t even begin to describe what Sherri means to me. Sherri’s son just finished his first year of college, and throughout her posts about letting him go and grow, I saw my future.  Her words have a way of sliding down around my heart parts.  And as she watched her son go, she came here to remember the little years.  She is my future and I am her past.

2. Pretty All True. I don’t know anyone who has read Kris’s writing who doesn’t immediately fall in love with her words.  While her serious stuff is so good my insides can feel it, the stuff about her girls touches my mother’s heart…even the super hilariously ridiculous stuff. Because her blog is life.  It is the funny stuff (and the not so funny stuff) that makes up being a mom…and cherishing each moment.  She also has a huge vocabulary that makes my standardized test prep English teacher self exultant.

3. The Martha Project. Jen is that friend you always seen in movies, but don’t think exists in the real world.  You know, the snarky, hilarious one who encourages you to do things you didn’t think you could.  All while drinking her coffee and eating her cheesy poofs. She will tell you truthfully if you are acting like a fool or if your hair looks better straight or curly.  And she will bring your pregnant ass fudge when you mention you love it. If you don’t want your reader flooded with hundreds of posts?  Follow Jen.  She pretty much sticks to twitter, but her blog is worth subscribing to because when she posts, it is always awesome.

4. Moosh in Indy.I think this was one of the first blogs I started reading, AND Casey was the first blogger I met in real life. She has the ability to turn feeeeelings into words.  Even if you have never experienced what she is writing about you, can feel it through her words.  That’s magic.

5. Not Super…Just Mom. Ah, my blogging bestie.  Miranda and I were blogging twins for so long.  We met through our shared suffering of PPD, but clicked over everything that was the same: both English teachers, both have boys the same age, both white girls who listen to rap (what?), and then?  Both pregnant with our second at the same time.  Seriously, if you are a regular reader here?  You will LOVE Miranda.

Hmmm…I just noticed that this week, I can say I have met four of these lovely ladies in real life.  That is pretty awesome.

So go forth and meet these bloggers (if you don’t know them already).  And if you DO already know them, go say hi.

Bloggers who make me go BOOM! {15}

Hey there!  Happy Saturday!

If you’re in the States, Happy Memorial Day!

I’ve been reading all over the internets this week, but again, it was mostly under a baby (which, I have to say, is pretty awesome.), so you get some more of the bloggers from my Google Reader this week.

Continuing from last week, alphabetically…

1. Heir to Blair. I’m fairly certain Beth Anne has no idea I read her dang blog.  I mean, I never comment, which is weird because I feel like BA and I would be tight if we lived anywhere remotely near each other.  In fact, when we met last August at BlogHer, it was sort of surreal for me. There she was, with her pretty hair, just being there.  I regret the stupid depression I had going on at the time.  I would have mauled her and then bought her a drink.  We are frighteningly similar right down to the unbelievably adorable blond-haired almost-three-year old.

2. Late Enough. If BA has no idea I’m reading her blog, Alex probably thinks I’m a stalker. I want to be Alex when I grow up.  She writes awesome pieces for various places and still has dance parties with her kids.  WITH A FOG MACHINE!  She claims to be super awkward, which just means she’s my type of people.

3. in these small moments. Sigh.  I miss Nichole. Her blog was the first to make me actually swoon while reading it.  We were roommates at BlogHer last year and she is just as sweet and sincere in real life.  I get sad when I see her blog go un-updated, but know she is doing such big things with her words (since I read them elsewhere).  She is the first person to tell me I was a writer, and she has been encouraging me ever since.

4. Letters for Lucas. I’m fairly convinced that Tonya is the big sister I never had. She is another of my roommates from BlogHer and really, I only sort of read her blog from time to time before that.  Now I read hers FIRST if I see it’s been updated.  I hang on her words with the memory of staying up way too late and chatting.  She is an inspiration to me and a daily reminder that there are wonderful people in the world.

5. No Points For Style. If Tonya is my big sister I never had, Adrienne is the awesome next door neighbor with kids older than mine that I never had.  It is on my bucket list to sit across a table from her with coffee and a delicious baked treat.  Her advocacy for her son…and all her children…despite the circumstances are heroic to me.

So there you go.  Five more bloggers you should be reading.

Go ahead.

Check them out.

And have a great holiday weekend!

Bloggers that Make me Go BOOM! {14}

So I have been reading more blogs than ever lately, but have very little freedom to comment (I blame the small man who sleeps on me for much of the day).

Due to my lack of typing, I have also been slack in remembering to mark posts for my BOOM rundown.

So instead of specific posts, I’m just going to tell you five bloggers you should be reading…no subscribing to…every day.

Because I’m completely lazy it’s easier, I am going to start at the top of my google reader.

So today, the blogs you should add to your subscription list are…

1. A Belle, A Bean, and A Chicago DogLiz has been uber helpful to me in my bloggy newb-ness throughout the past couple years, and helped me launch the Sluiter Nation Recruits guest series I do {almost} every Wednesday. She keeps up on the latest and greatest in social media and is always happy to answer a question…no matter how dumb you think it is.  Plus?  She is the master mind behind I Was A #SeniorHottie.  Awesome.

2. All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something. Kimberly is my sista from another mista.  She and I met through our mutual hell of PPD/A, but we have stuck together because we both laugh at dirty jokes, swear when the babies aren’t around, and roundhouse kick in gold spandex.  No, that’s just her.  But I would do it too if I had a booty that looked that good in gold spandex.  If you need to laugh?  Kim will break your spleen with the funny.

3. Arms Wide Open. Oh Grace. She kills me with the beauty her words drip.  She is my American-Living-in-Mexico Sista from another mista.  We have both suffered PPD/A, we both have two little boys, we both speak the Spanish (she better than I), and we both have super wonderful husbands.  Plus did I mention her words bring a ray of delight into my day?

4. Bad Words. Tulpen had the fat lady sing on her blog quite a while back now, but…but…I just couldn’t bring myself to unsubscribe…just in case. And low and behold…her words still show up here from time to time.  You know you’ve found an amazing writer when they tell you they are done, but you can’t let go just in case.

5. DesignHer Momma. Emily is from my home town.  She graduated from high school with my  husband (the year after I did).  Her family is still here, so I get to see her from time to time.  We lost touch all through college, but blogging reunited us.  She is that person I know will tell me if I have lost my mind in this world of blogging and social media.  In fact, a post she wrote after having her first son (third child), made me  realize I needed to seek professional help for my PPD.  I picture her silently nodding when I do something good, and shaking her head and giving me a quick DM when I mess up.  Also?  She is the second person I blame for my blogging.

That’s it.  This week’s installment of BOOM.

Go follow these people.

And tune in next week for the next five in my reader.

Or maybe I’ll give you posts next week.

Or nothing at all because it’s Memorial Day weekend and I’ll be busy doing nothing.

You  just never know what I’ll do.