Look! Over There!

If you look to the East of the USA and squint really hard and listen with all your might you will hear this sound:


And if you close your eyes and really quiet yourself, you might be able to actually FEEL the hug of a bazillion women all at once.


BlogHer12 is happening right now in NYC.

And one of my favorite people, Emily of DesignHer Momma, is there.

Two years ago when she went to #BlogHer10, she asked me to fill in for her over at her blog and talk about what twitter has done for me.

Last year, she stayed home and I went.

This year, I am home again and she is there.

I swear to Sparklecorn we WILL get to a conference together.

But meanwhile, she has asked me to keep an eye on her place again this year and tell you what I learned last year as a newb.

So BYOB and come on over and meet me at her place today.