welcome to vlog talk

I hate vlogging.

No, I really do.  I know you guys think it’s funny or cute, but I feel like a monster doofus when I do it.

But I have fallen victim to vlogging once again.

Some blogging buddies of mine have started a weekly meme called Vlog Talk.  They give out some prompts and you can vlog one of them and link up.

So I have given in and participated this week.

Please ignore the fact that I look completely bummy.  I had just had a relaxing mani/pedi appointment and I wasn’t about to fix myself.  Plus?  It was super hot that day.

People?  Noisy phones suck.  I don’t care if you are an adult or a child.  Just…ew.

Want some more Vlog Talk?  Go check out everyone on the link up.




What is your child’s most annoying toy?  What do you do about it?  What should I do about these damn phones that he loves?

And the big question…should I do more vlogs?


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