And just like that, it’s Wednesday again!  Time to welcome another worthy blogger in the Nation as a Sluiter Nation Recruit.

What’s that?  You don’t know what a Recruit is?  Well, stop here first before continuing.

I know every week it seems like I am telling you how honored I am to have that week’s blogger, but it’s true! And this week is no different.  I was nervous when I approached her (since she is royalty and all), that perhaps her busy scheduling of ruling the interwebs would be way too packed to fit in a little trip to visit The Nation.

But because The Empress is the most gracious ruler that ever lived, she enthusiastically agreed!

Alexandra rules her empire of three boys and a husband (His Majesty) over at Good Day, Regular People.

She is probably one of the most genuine bloggers out there.    If her words can help someone?  She will put them out there.  Her genuine goal is to put more joy in the world and to reveal that which is already there.

Well…you’ll see.


When K asked me to guest post as a SluiterNation Recruit, I emailed back a “YES!” before I even finished reading her invitation to guest on her blog.

The woman loves words and what they can do to you, as much as I do.

I wanted my post here to be one she would be happy to feature. When I asked K for ideas, she offered some suggestions: “belonging,” was one of them.

I liked that one.

Me, here, at SluiterNation, where readers come to find writing they can sink their souls into, and leave feeling a part of something, belonging. That’s the type of blog SluiterNation is.


“When I had my child, I learned what the sound of one hand clapping is– it’s a woman holding an infant in one arm, and a pen in the other.”

–Kate Braverman

Do you stop and think about why you blog?

Some of us just began blogging, not really clear on what the siren’s call to the screen was.

But we heard it.

All of us online, heard it.

We are different from those that don’t feel themselves pulled to the keyboard, to send our thoughts, messages, feelings, information, tapped into keys and then sent out there.

Out there.

With each of us hoping that our words land somewhere. I know, many bloggers say they blog “only for themselves,” and this could possibly be true.

But, what is hard for me to imagine, is how can anyone not enjoy the interaction?

I think people want to share, they want to put their heart and soul into what their existence is here on earth. To have a connection with people not yet met, friends to be.

They want to belong to something: the greater collective. A part of the human race, where we are drawn to communicate, and help, share, feel kinship toward one another.

Blogging does that for me. It provides me with a place to spell out my truths, my writing that I share with sincerity, in my search to feel a part of something.

I now belong to a group of people known as bloggers. I blog with the wish of meeting others, lightening someone’s load, sharing what I’ve learned, helping someone feel less different.

The magic in blogging with no falseness, or in not always painting a picture of a perfect world, is that I am the one who is shown the light. I see others feeling the same as I do, or leaving me messages of encouragement and love, or the most amazing words for me to hear, “Thank you, I thought it was just me.”

There is a light you see in togetherness, it is a light of joy, shared valleys in life, bringing hope, finding hope, having the shelter of friendship, feeling the warm smile spread across your face in recognition of a friend’s avatar on your site.

This is the rich gift of belonging to the group known as bloggers.


Thank you so much, K, for allowing me to be here, as a SluiterNation Recruit. I’ve been looking forward to it!


Didn’t I tell you she was lovely?

And now?  You must go become a follower of The Empress.

She is all over twitter.

But really you need to go read her words.

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