mental pacing


I am getting restless.

Don’t get me wrong, I am exhausted.  But I am restless when it comes to preparing for Charlie.

Up until this point, I have enjoyed the fact that this pregnancy seems to be flying by.  I have been preoccupied with life and that has been just fine to me.

But now that Charlie is going to be here in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS, I am getting a metaphoric case of the paces.

My brain is doing the pacing, you see.

It is going back and forth and forth and back about what to do to prepare for this new Sluiter.

And no matter what way I look at it, I am stuck.

We have all the furniture we need for Eddie’s new room aside from a mattress and bedding.  But we don’t have carpet yet, so the furniture can’t be assembled and set up.  Which means I can’t move his clothes and toys down there.  Which means the nursery is crowded and still covered with HIS stuff.

There is nothing in our house that says, “a new baby is coming”.

I have started the process of ordering custom lettering for the nursery wall to spell Charlie’s name.

I want to move big boy toys to a big boy room and sort out all the baby toys and put them in the nursery.

I want to wash itty bitty clothes and blankets and stash them into the nursery.

I want to decorate and organize a Big Boy room with Eddie’s help so he will love it and feel comfy there before his brother arrives.

want to DO something to feel like the big change that IS coming is COMING.

At 31 weeks pregnant with Eddie we had the nursery complete and I was washing and organizing and storing diapers and lotions and baby washes and toys.

I had lots to keep my hands busy.

This time all I do is make mental lists with deadlines that just keep passing.

52 days until Charlie.

tick…tock…tick…is all I hear in my brain….

which continues to pace.