Dear Alice,

A quarter of a year has gone by since you arrived. In the grand scheme of our lives that is a blip. But it feels huge. It feels like forever and hardly any time at all.



You’ve gone through a big old growth spurt. By my rough measures (aka weighing myself without you and then with you, and busting out the tape measure while you’re sleeping), you weigh around 16 pounds and are about 22.5 inches long. Seriously. You have put on more than four pounds in the last month, but you’re not tons longer, although I can tell in some of your jammies that you’re getting ready to bump up to 6 month size. Just like your brothers before you, your jammies were the first we had to go up a size in. I guess we make ’em tall!

Your legs and arms and face are all chubbing up in the cutest way possible. You eat an average of 25-30 ounces a day and take two biggish naps (one right away in the morning after your first bottle that lasts about an hour or so, and another that is longer in the afternoon) and you sleep anywhere from 7-9 hours at night. You did not read that wrong. Once you went NINE hours in between bottles. Daddy and I got nervous.

2015-05-21 09.03.25

You figured out your hands! Well, sort of. You know they are there, part of your body. You know that you are the one who moves them, but you are still working on getting them to go where you want, although you’ve got the move to get them straight in your mouth down pat!

2015-05-28 16.33.09

You seem to favor toys with a face. There is a caterpillar (daddy says it’s a bug) that jingles when I shake it. You LOVE that thing. You get your concentration face on–which incidentally is the exact same as both of your brothers and your daddy–and you smile at it and try to reach for it.

Speaking of toys you love, none of our kids have ever developed a lovie love as early as you have with your bunny. I don’t blame you; bunny is so very soft and cuddly. It was a gift from a wonderful blogger friend, and I put it in your Rock n Play with you from the minute it arrived on our doorstep.  Now, when you know it’s near you, you wrap your arms around it and pull it close to your face. Most times you fall asleep immediately. If you’re not tired, you suck on bunny’s ear. That’s gross, Alice.

2015-05-26 10.23.01

Your personality is coming through more and more each day.

As I type this you are on your daddy’s chest, tucked under his chin. You will not sleep on me like this. You need to be on your back or side when you’re with me, but on your daddy, you will snooze on your tummy all day long. But you are pretty indiscriminate about who holds you, as long as you are being held or talked to. Ignoring you is not an option. In this way, you remind me a lot of Eddie at this age.

2015-06-06 09.52.18

Eddie was a smiley baby, but you have him beat by a million, but like Charlie, you will not crack a smile for the camera (Charlie actually didn’t smile for anyone other than a little smirk now and then). Your smile is HUGE and so very sweet. Even your eyes twinkle.

When you get upset you go from fine to full-blown anger ball in about 1/10th of a second. And giant tears stream down your face. If your brothers ever produced tears at this age, it was just from their eyes watering. You have legit crocodile tears.

The conversations we have are amazing. You respond with your whole face and body AND your voice. You blow raspberries and gurgle and screech with joy! You also get shouty and perturbed. All of us have been praised for our plethora of facial expressions and it looks like you’re going to follow suit.

2015-05-16 14.01.50

Oh Alice. You are the best.

Somehow, sweet girl, you make me happy and smile when I don’t think it’s possible. I simply cannot be in a bad mood when I am with you. Sometimes I love you so much I just want to hug you and squeeze you, but I also don’t want to burst you, so I hold back.

I kiss your little cheeks a million times a day and could nap for hours with my nose on the top of your sweet-smelling head.

you are my buddy and a blur of movement!

you are my buddy and a blur of movement!

When I was pregnant with Charlie, I didn’t understand how in the world I could love another like I loved Eddie. Now that all three of you are here, I wonder if my heart will burst with all the love I have for you three.

People like to joke that Daddy and I are consistent in our cute kid factory over here; you all definitely look like siblings. But the real fun is seeing each of you grow into your personalities and talents. Alice, you have similarities to both of your brothers and to me and to Daddy, but at the same time you are developing your very own quirks and traits.

2015-06-05 17.44.17

I once thought that by the third child, the fun of a baby would have worn off a bit. I knew what developments were coming, and I was sure some of the amazement at watching them would be gone. I was so very wrong. Watching you reach for a toy for the first time was just as exhilarating and miraculous as it was with Charlie and with Eddie.

And being your mom is no less extraordinary and beautiful.

Here’s to a quarter of a year and to many, many full years to come.

2015-06-06 09.52.12

I love you, my Allie Beans.


chillin’ at three months

I was holding you today and I realized something.

You are getting so big.

I used to be able to place you on my lap and you were a perfect fit, knee to thigh, and you didn’t move.  As a floppy newborn, you just melted into the space.

You are three months old now.

As of Wednesday.  Three months.

That’s a clothing size at your age.

You are no longer a floppy newborn.

In fact, you are quite aware that you can kick your legs as if you were running from rabid dogs.  You can plank your body which is maddening when I am trying to sit you down to burp you.

You are this close to being able to hold your head perfectly still when I sit you up.

And just recently?  You found your hands.

I remember watching Eddie find his hands, and you do the exact same thing.

One minute you are flailing all of your limbs and then suddenly, you focus straight in front of you and bring your hands together.  This is when you plunge toward them to get them in your mouth as quickly as humanly possible.

Up until this past week, you didn’t have much interest in the play mat; you would much rather look at me or your daddy or Eddie.  Now that you know you have hands and that you can grab things, you enjoy more time there.  Except that once this week you grabbed onto Jim, the octopus on the Gym, and you couldn’t figure out how to let go.  I almost let you be to see if you would fall asleep that way, but you got angry and so I helped you out.

The other day daddy found you on your side, and today you planted your feet and thrust your hips at me repeatedly.  You are getting ready to go places, kid.

But you’re so chill about it.

You love to watch life, smile your adorable smirk, and then take a nap.

The only thing that can get you mad is a hungry tummy.  And to be honest, you go from happy to screaming like a woman who was just mugged by Satan in .0000008 seconds.

Like how you decided yesterday after we went to the Farmer’s Market that you were hungry NOW, but Eddie and I wanted Starbucks and you screamed through the drive thru, all the way home, and into the house while I made your bottle.  Pausing only occasionally to listen to Eddie singing you the ABC’s at the top of his lungs to drown you out.

But once you are fed (one of your six 5oz bottles a day), you are back to your happy, chill self.

Your “small” self.  Well, compared to your brother who was more than 2 pounds heavier, and inch longer, and had a head that was a good 3 cm larger.  He was busting into 6 month clothes, while you are filling out 3 and 3-6 month just fine.

My little Bird.

Just wondering what we are all doing and when you will be able to join in the fun.

Sometimes I even think you are plotting something.

No.  that can’t be it.


Oh.  Here is your monthly comparison to your brother.

Yup. You’re brothers.

But one of you has my personality, and the other has dad’s.

I’ll let you guess who is more like who.


Happy three months, Bird.

I love you.