because the moments are fleeting

I had the video camera out yesterday to film a vlog.

Before Eddie’s bedtime, I realized it had been a LONG time since we filmed Eddie.

That was the whole point of getting a new video camera.  To capture the moments when our kids are small because we know those moments don’t last.

Lately I have been thinking of Sherri a lot.  Her son–her first born–is about to graduate from high school.  She writes so beautifully about how the past 17 years have gone by in such a beautiful flash.

It’s a constant reminder to me to cherish the little boy moments, but to be excited for the young man moments.

So while the camera was out yesterday, I took a quick video of Eddie.

This is dedicated to Sherri.

I say it about every age, but I do really love this age.  He is getting so independent, but at the same time he still has his baby face and innocence.

Plus that little voice!  Swoon!

I can’t believe he is almost two!