zoom, zoom

37 weeks...just two to go!

Aw man!  My little helper has his eyes closed!

I just noticed!  Oh well…he is doing a GREAT job helping me!

Here we are…2 weeks from THE BIG DAY!


  1. I am measuring pretty darn close to the same as I was with Eddie at this time…about a week and a half ahead.
  2. By my calculations I have gained fewer than 10 pounds. The doc is not concerned, so neither am I.
  3. I’ve had my Group B Strep Test “in case” Charlie does something rebellious.
  4. I am all “pre-admitted” to the hospital for March 13.
  5. I am not dilated at all.  No shock there either.
  6. Two more belly measures/heart beat listens.
  7. eight more days of work (if we don’t have any snow days)
  8. I might be spoiling Eddie a little with my attention.
  9. The nursery is ready for a baby.

I will say I can tell I was super spoiled when I was in my 9th month pregnant with Eddie.  By the time I was four weeks out from my due date, school was done for the summer (Eddie is a June baby).  I spent my days putting my hugely swollen feet up, watching movies, and sleeping my days away.

I remember Cort asking when the nesting was going to start because I just kept getting lazier.

I never had to wear “real” pants in my last month.  It was sweats and jammies…with the exception of the weekend right before he was born when I wore a bridesmaid dress and almost got swallowed up by flooding from a monster storm.

This time I am working, wearing “real” clothes every day (that I secretly fear are going to just rip off my body if I bend to far), chasing a toddler, and going up and down our stairs a million times because his bedroom is down there now.

Perhaps this is why I have not gained much weight this time around.  Huh.

Last time all I had was time to sit around and think about Eddie being born.  The days and weeks dragged.

This time ZOOM!  Suddenly we are another week closer to Charlie.

I like it.

I like the zooming.

I am ready.


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