better than ignoring the Today Show

Since having my second child something has happened to my regular reading schedule.

I don’t just mean that I read even less than I did before (I do, by the way), I mean what is in my google reader has changed.

After Eddie was born, I was searching for people just like me.  People having the same struggles.  I was desperate to know I wasn’t alone.  I was also looking to laugh since I felt like my world was falling apart.  Laughing helped get through each day.

While I still have some of my favorite blogs and sites from those darker days of momhood hanging out in my reader because they have become friends and touchstones in my life, new things are popping up.

One of the sites I visit daily is

Let me back up…

For the past three months I have been turning on The Today Show when Charlie and I get up.  And everyday I hop on twitter and complain about The Today Show.

I am sure the entire internet wonders why in the crap I still turn it on.

Well that is an easy answer, I don’t.  Not because I don’t want to, but because Eddie is now home with me, so we are watching Octonauts at 7am (don’t even talk to me about this show.  It’s weird.  I could do a whole post on it’s weirdness).

So why do I still want to watch the Today Show even though it bothers me?  Because I like most of of the segments, just not all of the segments. I wish I could scroll through their offerings and choose which ones I want to view because most of them are ridiculous (I do NOT care about any celebrity and their “reality” show.  You are a celebrity…that by itself is not reality).

This is why I love

It’s sort of a new site and I found it because some of my favorite people in the whole wide world write there.

I stayed (and subscribed) because it’s exactly like the Today Show–only in print,so I can “tune in” to read any time during the day.  I can also pick to read what interests me.

So I skip most celebrity stuff (‘cuz it brings me down, yo.  I will never be that hip.  #sadpanda #hashtaggingablogpost), and hit up the funny, the interesting, and the important…to me…stuff.

For instance, as a high school teacher and a mom to kids who will be tweens some day I enjoyed How to Handle Tweens with Attitude.

Again as a teacher and mom to an almost-three-year-old, I was interested in iPhones for First Graders? Have we Gone Mad?

This is the one I thought was so important I shared it with my husband: June is National Safety Month: How Safe is Your Family?

Because I want to make my/our carbon footprint a little smaller, I like articles like Green Your Cleaning Routine.

And because I am obsessed with finding new yummy recipes, I just added Fully Loaded Tex Mex Sliders to my “recipes” bookmarks.

An extra bonus to allParenting?  They have an entire section devoted to baby names.  I KNOW! Even though we JUST had a baby?  I find you are never too “not having babies” to love reading about baby names.  Am I right?  Can I get an amen?


So yes, allParenting is better than the Today Show except that you don’t get to ogle Matt Lauer.

Now excuse me while I pour over the Top 100 Baby Boy Names from 2011 to see if my boys’ names are on it.


The legal stuff: This post is sponsored by  All opinions are my own.  I chose the links to use because I really do love reading about these things.