just when i thought i wanted another boy…

You know how Cort and I want to have another baby?

Well all this time I have been saying I would LOVE another boy.  I really, really love being a “boy” mom and giving Eddie a brother just seems like the greatest gift ever.  Especially after seeing my brothers together and knowing their lives would be so different without each other.

But I have a bit of a confession.

When I see stuff like this….

…and oh my God does my uterus twinge for a little girl.

So I try to shake it out of my brain.

A boy is practical.  We have all things boy in this house already.

And then I see this….

ACK!  Cut it out, cute baby girl with the adorable flower on her head!!!

You’re messing up the best laid plans!  The RESPONSIBLE plans!

And then I let myself dream of how cute things like this would be on a chubby baby girl (because let’s face it, I grew them babies BIG)…

Lucky for me, the lovely Kelli owns a little endeavor called Shmoo Wear.

And she is Canadian.  You all know my love of Canadians.

So I might be sort of swoony.


Anyway, Kelli is just starting out, but she will ship to the US because she is AWESOME.

Right now she takes orders from all the pics on her facebook fan page OR you can email her at shmoowear@gmail.com and she will do custom orders too!

I didn’t share her with you for nothing, people?  She the definition of fabulosity.  duh.