The Mommy Survival Kit

Spring break starts this afternoon for me, and next week for my boys.  That means that I will putting on my Stay at Home Mom Pants to be home with the two of them for a week.

Every time we have break from school, I am reminded how much work it is to be a Stay at Home Mom.  There is a good reason why it is not my official “job”…it’s too hard!  But there are somethings that help me survive (besides the cuddles and kisses that my boys give me), so I compiled a list…

  1. Coffee. I know it’s a massive cliche, but I can’t get through my morning, let alone my day without a nice big mug of coffee.  I am not sure when it happened, but I turned into my mother. I remember thinking the obsession with coffee was such a grown up thing.  My mom still goes through a pot of coffee by herself when she is home from work.  I can’t do that or I will have massive gut rot, but there is something about the smell of it in the morning, and those first sips that make my day doable…even if I am starting out massively exhausted.
  2. Music. Music is my family’s love language.  If we want to be in a good mood, we simply turn on the tunes and dance!  Eddie got a V-Tech “tablet” for Christmas and he chiefly uses it to play his favorite tunes LOUDLY.  “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen is his current favorite.  In the car we listen to the Sofia the First soundtrack.  “Make some Noise” is the best way to get us cheery when we are on the move!
  3. Screens. There. I admitted it.  I rely on screens to help me be a more sane mother–especially during cold weather months.  Eddie has an old laptop that we let him use for Nick Jr, Disney Jr, and PBS games.  He has games for the Wii.  He has his V-Tech Tablet. And we allow him time on Cort’s tablet and my Nook for books and apps.  Oh we do our fair share of playing, but since we are also starting to ween nap, the best way to get some quiet time when he gets grumpy is to allow screen time.
  4. History Channel Marathons. When Charlie is down for nap and Eddie is having quiet time, I LOVE to veg out in front of a History Channel marathon.  I am not talking about shows like Ice Road Truckers or Swamp People.  I like the documentary-style shows.  Give me Modern Marvels or a special on anything that has to do with religious theory or world/American History.  I could watch hours and hours devoted to the fricking plague if you let me.
  5. Comfy Clothes. I get up early, get dressed up, and go to work nine months of the year.  When I am doing the SAHM thing, I like to be comfortable yet not a hot mess.  If I don’t shower, I feel like garbage.  I need to be able to shower and put on yoga or sweats that I don’t feel ashamed of in public.  I don’t go out to eat in my yoga pants, but I might run to Target or Starbucks in them.  I like to feel cute, yet comfy.  Generally when summer is coming around, I will spend some money on getting some cute cotton skirts from Old Navy or GAP and a couple pairs of yoga pants for in the AC at home.
  6. Peanut Butter M&Ms. I really don’t think I need to explain this.
  7. Goldfish and Juice Boxes. Again, if you have hungry kids, I don’t need to explain this one.  I am positive that a juice box–based solely on the novelty alone in my house–earns big points with the kiddos.

Looking back at my list I am noticing a trend.  Keep my kids and I fed and comfortable, and we are happy campers.

And when the kids are happy, Mommy is happy.  Am I right?

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*This post was sponsored by Nature’s Bakery.  They sent me some yumm-0 fig bars (that I learned I can buy in a store near me…yay!) and I wrote about my Mommy Survival Kit because I thought the idea was fun.  All thoughts are my own.