The Clean Routine

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle.

I am of the belief that there are two types of people in this world: those who fold and those who crumple.

To be honest, for a really long time I thought everyone just crumpled. I thought that was how it was done. I mean, I assume that is how I was taught or why would I still be doing it that way at age 35?

But then I started talking with Cortney about our routines.

Our bum-cleaning routines.

Wait. You have never sat on the couch munching popcorn just discussing your bathroom clean routine?

Ok, I never did either. I suppose those kinds of conversations can be a little weird to have. Cottonelle has teamed up with Cherry Healey to try to get people to talk about how they wipe.

Still weird? Yeah, it was for me too. Until recently, anyway. It’s not like we don’t use bathroom talk in our house–there are three boys who live here, you know–but once someone is in the bathroom with the door closed, the conversation sort of stops.

In our bathroom we have a basket next to the toilet paper with extra TP rolls, wipes, magazines, and spray in it. For the three people in the house who are regularly using the toilet, this has been adequate, but we have never really discussed it.

We have always been a Cottonelle family, and when I heard about the new Cottonelle Care Routine, I was intrigued. The thought of using wipes to clean up however seemed…weird. For all of my potty-trained life I have used dry toilet paper alone to clean up back there and feel, well, DRY.

I do buy the wipes though because other people in my house use them and swear by them, and I should add when I got the new, sleek designed dispenser home everyone ooo-ed and ahhh-ed. Because booty wipes dispensers are big news around here.

What? We don’t get out much.

Anyway, all this wipe talk lead me to ask Cortney about about crumpling. It didn’t seem like it would be very effective to crumple the wipe before using it.

Are you a crumpler?

Are you a crumpler?

I’m a crumpler. And I am an immediate TP-taker. Sit down, grab some TP and crumple, do business, clean up with just TP. That has always ALWAYS been my routine.

I was  informed that folding is more efficient.

Are you a folder?

Are you a folder?

While I can’t bring myself to fold the TP, I did use the “flat surface” advice when I tried my first wipe.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sort of weirded out by using a wet wipe back there. But I used my crumpled TP first, then a wipe, and then finished with a bit more crumpled TP.

And you know what? It was clean feeling!

It always seemed logical to use a wet wipe with a baby to get it nice and clean, so I’m not sure why I didn’t apply this idea to my own back side sooner.  Clearly the males in my house knew something I did not.

So now I am a proud wipe-user.  And a proud TP crumpler.

What about you? Care to share your clean routine? Tell me about it here or, if you are super brave, join the conversation over on!

Cottonelle wants to get you talking about your bum and on a better way to clean “down there” by using the Cottonelle Clean Routine. By combining the use of Cottonelle Toilet Paper and Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths, the Cottonelle Clean Routine is a revolutionary way to keep your bum cleaner.

Are you ready? Don’t be shy! Visit to learn more about the Cottonelle Clean Routine and join the clean routine conversation.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle.
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