Love Letters

I love getting mail.

I really, really love it.

In this world of constant communication, getting something delivered to my house is one of the best surprises ever.

And I like to send notes to people.

Recently, I sent a thank you card to someone because she did something lovely.  Her reaction to the simple thank you note in the mail warmed my heart even more than her original act of kindness.  She never expected the note, but there it was.

And I would much rather buy handmade cards that are original than something anyone can find in Target or Walmart.

photo cards

This is where my lovely friend, Julie of Julie Sancken Photography comes in.

Julie takes lovely natural photographs and sells the prints to be framed….

natural photography

these hang in our bedroom

or you can buy them as cards…

natural photography

perfect for thank you notes or a quick hello

It’s so fun to be able to send something that is personally made.  She has other prints available for purchase here.

If you want to contact Julie about her photography sessions/services, you can email her here.

Legal Stuff:  Julie sent me the cards to review, but did not pay me for my opinion.  Those are my own.