is moving really that scary? yes, yes it is.

Last fall I moved my three year old blog over to wordpress.

Yes, I was afraid.

But I knew it was time.  I was rapidly outgrowing my little area on Blogger and I wanted to take my blog to a new, more professional level.

I blogged about the rest of my reasons here along with some tips I’ve learned and some super plug-ins I love (which I could add to that list now if you ask me about it).

I was afraid and knew I couldn’t do this huge move on my own.  So I tweeted about my nerves.

And like superman, Japster appeared.

Ok, maybe not with a cape and a blue uni-tard, but he did start tweeting with me and dispelling a LOT of the myths and urban legends about moving to wordpress (no, you don’t have to lose all your GFC followers, no an ax murderer is not lurking in your dashboard…wait.  what?)

With all his smooth-talking ways he got me to follow him to

And it was the best blogging decision I have made since joining twitter.

Not only did every single comment and follower and rss feed follow me to, Japster did it professionally and uber-quickly.  I mean, his cute little wife is a blogger, so he KNOWS how much a blog becomes our baby and how worried we get when it’s in the hands of someone else.

He was very gently, very quick, and very professional.  He also never let on that I was being ridiculous or crazy with my frenzy of questions or inquiries about making things just right.

It was so worth it. Now I have my beautiful blog and this lovely sponsor blog that you are reading!

So…are you ready to move?  Have you been thinking about it, but just can’t justify the cost?  (It costs less than you think, by the way)

Your wait might be over!

 Japster is offering a 10% discount if you use the subject line “Sluiter Nation” when you contact him here from now through midnight of July 23rd.

And that is STILL not all!

Japster has been generous enough to giveaway not one…but FOUR moves to! 

That’s right!  He is offering FOUR lucky winners his “Plain Jane” package which includes:

  • four page set up (main page, about, etc)
  • five plugin set ups (this would be how you get your GFC over)
  • three months of hosting ($3.99/month after that)
  • your domain name registered for a year (less than $10/yr after that)
  • install theme with limited modifications
  • transfer of ALL your posts
  • feedburner set up

Holy moly, batman!  That is the best win ever…and FOUR of you will get picked for it!

So how do you enter?

It’s easy.  Just leave us a comment here telling us why you think you need to move to

Want an extra entry?  Yeah you do.  Tweet this: (but make sure to come back and leave a separate comment telling us you did)!

 WOW!  I want to move it move it over to with @Japster24!  You do too!  enter to win with @ksluiter now!

That is it.  Giveaway will end Monday, July 18 at 4pm est and FOUR winners will be drawn at random.

The Legal Stuff:  I did not receive any compensation for this review/giveaway.  I just really, really loved my experience using Japster.  And he is providing all the spoils of this giveaway because he is tight like that.