What’s With All the Hullabalu?

Last week this little guy appeared on our doorstep:

This guy’s name is Ziggy and he came home to us from Hullabalu, an online company that, up until recently, curated stuffed animals from other companies for their site.  Ziggy was one of those animals.

He came to live with us because he fits our nursery’s zoo theme perfectly.  I tried to place him next to Charlie’s giraffe, but someone had other plans for him.

No, that is not the nursery Ziggy is in.  That would be Eddie’s room.

Eddie sort of fell in love with him the minute I took Ziggy out of the box, so who was I to deny a 3-year old some cuddles with a cute elephant?

Right now, Hullabalu is working on their own line of animals due out October first.  There will be five animals with a fantastical story line to go with them: a turtle and a fox, possibly a panda and/or a dragon.

You will not want to miss out!

Right now, the Hullabalu site has launched with a referral program. If you head over there with my link, I will earn points and so will you!  Points get you money off your order, free shipping, and a TON more!

I have to be honest, I really can’t wait!  I know already that I will be choosing two animals to welcome my nieces to the world when they are born in November, and maybe something for Charlie for Christmas (since you know, Eddie took over his Ziggy).

So head over, sign up, and send out invites so you can have access to some cuddly friends for the kids in your life!

Legal Stuff: I was sent Ziggy the elephant as compensation for this post.  He did not, however come with the opinions.  Those are my own.