Affresh Review and Giveaway

2013-02-02 10.34.56

My least favorite thing to do in this world is cleaning.

My most favorite thing in this world is having a clean, organized life.

You see my problem, yes?

We used to have a cleaning lady, but alas, that is not in the budget anymore.  So the next best thing is to find products I don’t hate that help make my life easier.

This is where Affresh enters into my life.

Affresh sent me five of their newest products: the appliance cleaner, the stainless steel cleaner, the stove top cleaner, the dishwasher cleaner, and the washing machine cleaner.

And I’ll be honest, getting a box load of shiny new cleaning supplies made me want to, well, clean!  No, really, I wanted to sniff it to see what it would smell like, but that is weird (and probably rather harmful), so instead I took a Saturday and cleaned ALL THE THINGS.

First I tackled my stove.

Friends, white appliances are a stupid invention.  My stove was nasty and it had been less than a week since it’s last good clean.

why yes, I did burn milk on the stove top. Doesn't everyone have this issue?

why yes, I did burn milk on the stove top. Doesn’t everyone have this issue? And it appears we had pasta that week too by the red sauce that I spy.


So anyway, I covered it in Affresh stove top cleaner and gave some of the really nasty spots a good scrub with the little blue scrubby pads that come with it.

2013-02-02 13.13.40

BAM!  Sparkling clean!

I really thought it would take more elbow grease and/or have a stinky bleachy smell, but it was fairly easy to clean (yes, even with all the nasty that piled up over the week).  It also had a clean, fresh (it IS called Affresh, after all) scent to it.

Then I tackled our sink and the appliances and surfaces.

clean stainless steel sink.

clean stainless steel sink.

Cleaned up the appliances and even the surfaces.

Cleaned up the appliances and even the surfaces.

I really loved the citrius smell of these products.  They reminded me of how my mom used to use a lemon-scented product to do the dusting and mopping of the floors.  Citrus is the “clean” smell of my childhood.

The tablets for cleaning the dishwasher probably would have worked better if my dishwasher didn’t suck.  They did leave it with a nice clean smell, so there’s that.

Also the tablets for cleaning the washing machine worked well, but I don’t have a picture because I didn’t wash out the fabric softener thingy and I am too embarrassed to show you all how gross I have let that get.  But it also left my washer smelling fresh and not mildewy.

After I was done cleaning on Saturday, I sat back and enjoyed it…for about 30 minutes before someone spilled something somewhere.

But the nice scent stayed on after spills reappeared.

Do you want to try Affresh too?  Yeah you do!  Enter to win the same pack of cleaning supplies that I used: The Appliance Cleaner, the Stove Top Cleaner, the Stainless Steel Cleaner, the Dishwasher Cleaner, and the Washing Machine Cleaner.

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Legal stuff: I was sent the five cleaning products from Affresh to review, however all opinions are my own.