If you are a mom with internet access you have probably visited some sort of group resource site aimed to give you resources and advice.

You’ve probably also fell down the rabbit hole of searching big box department store websites trying to find products for your baby or toddler.

After a while they can all start to look the same, and in my opinion, very cluttered, overwhelming, and confusing.

Everything is blinking at you!

There are things to sign up for!

How can I find the answer I am looking for? Oh look an ad for nipple shields!

After Eddie was born, I gave up on using sites for legit answers to my questions.  There was just too much going on in the chat rooms–not to mention mean, judgmental mommas–and I really didn’t know how to navigate through so much.

When I was pregnant with Charlie I didn’t even try again. There were times I really wished I could find what the latest and greatest stuff was for baby…especially when I realized Charlie was so different than his brother as a newborn.  But there just wasn’t a place I knew about that seemed both helpful and user-friendly.

Until now.

I am SO excited to announce the United States launch of BabyHuddle.Com (previously exclusively UK), a “social shop” full of resources for moms and dads BY moms and dads. Check out this tidbit from their “about” section:

[W]e set ourselves the objective to build a site where parents can be comfortable soliciting suggestions and sharing product recommendations between themselves. From browsing each other’s lists of products and answering their questions, parents will find all the information they need within this fun and supportive community. We’ve also ensured that you can find a huge range of cool products at great prices for you to get.

BabyHuddle is not crowded with eleventy billion possible things to click on blinking at you from all over your screen.  It is simple and organized.  There are three areas: Shop, Lists, & Ask.

The Shop area is where I have already spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME, if I am being honest.  Everything is separated into categories, much like a Babies R Us type site, but it’s easier to navigate without all the drop down menus.

The Lists area is where you can create wishlist, must have lists, and any other list you want.  You can also browse other people’s lists.  For instance, Charlie is getting his top front teeth and even with his amber necklace, they are kicking homeboy’s booty (literally…he has the diaper rash to prove it).  So I peeked through the lists other moms had started and wouldn’t you know it? Someone had started a “Teething Essentials” list.  BOOM!

And look! I already created my own list!

The Ask area is where you can ask a question or browse questions that have already been asked to see if someone asked something you were wondering.  You can also answer questions here.  I REALLY love this part of the site because it’s what makes it different from just a store. It’s also a community.  It’s moms helping each other out with advice and products they have used and loved.

Think Babies R Us meets BabyCenter, but without all the hoopla.

As BabyHuddle’s about section states, they are the “leading social baby shop”.

To celebrate their awesome, you should really go sign up now.  It’s free. It’s easy.

And I am over there making lists like a madwoman.


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