The Clean Routine

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle.

I am of the belief that there are two types of people in this world: those who fold and those who crumple.

To be honest, for a really long time I thought everyone just crumpled. I thought that was how it was done. I mean, I assume that is how I was taught or why would I still be doing it that way at age 35?

But then I started talking with Cortney about our routines.

Our bum-cleaning routines.

Wait. You have never sat on the couch munching popcorn just discussing your bathroom clean routine?

Ok, I never did either. I suppose those kinds of conversations can be a little weird to have. Cottonelle has teamed up with Cherry Healey to try to get people to talk about how they wipe.

Still weird? Yeah, it was for me too. Until recently, anyway. It’s not like we don’t use bathroom talk in our house–there are three boys who live here, you know–but once someone is in the bathroom with the door closed, the conversation sort of stops.

In our bathroom we have a basket next to the toilet paper with extra TP rolls, wipes, magazines, and spray in it. For the three people in the house who are regularly using the toilet, this has been adequate, but we have never really discussed it.

We have always been a Cottonelle family, and when I heard about the new Cottonelle Care Routine, I was intrigued. The thought of using wipes to clean up however seemed…weird. For all of my potty-trained life I have used dry toilet paper alone to clean up back there and feel, well, DRY.

I do buy the wipes though because other people in my house use them and swear by them, and I should add when I got the new, sleek designed dispenser home everyone ooo-ed and ahhh-ed. Because booty wipes dispensers are big news around here.

What? We don’t get out much.

Anyway, all this wipe talk lead me to ask Cortney about about crumpling. It didn’t seem like it would be very effective to crumple the wipe before using it.

Are you a crumpler?

Are you a crumpler?

I’m a crumpler. And I am an immediate TP-taker. Sit down, grab some TP and crumple, do business, clean up with just TP. That has always ALWAYS been my routine.

I was  informed that folding is more efficient.

Are you a folder?

Are you a folder?

While I can’t bring myself to fold the TP, I did use the “flat surface” advice when I tried my first wipe.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sort of weirded out by using a wet wipe back there. But I used my crumpled TP first, then a wipe, and then finished with a bit more crumpled TP.

And you know what? It was clean feeling!

It always seemed logical to use a wet wipe with a baby to get it nice and clean, so I’m not sure why I didn’t apply this idea to my own back side sooner.  Clearly the males in my house knew something I did not.

So now I am a proud wipe-user.  And a proud TP crumpler.

What about you? Care to share your clean routine? Tell me about it here or, if you are super brave, join the conversation over on!

Cottonelle wants to get you talking about your bum and on a better way to clean “down there” by using the Cottonelle Clean Routine. By combining the use of Cottonelle Toilet Paper and Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths, the Cottonelle Clean Routine is a revolutionary way to keep your bum cleaner.

Are you ready? Don’t be shy! Visit to learn more about the Cottonelle Clean Routine and join the clean routine conversation.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle.
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The Mommy Survival Kit

Spring break starts this afternoon for me, and next week for my boys.  That means that I will putting on my Stay at Home Mom Pants to be home with the two of them for a week.

Every time we have break from school, I am reminded how much work it is to be a Stay at Home Mom.  There is a good reason why it is not my official “job”…it’s too hard!  But there are somethings that help me survive (besides the cuddles and kisses that my boys give me), so I compiled a list…

  1. Coffee. I know it’s a massive cliche, but I can’t get through my morning, let alone my day without a nice big mug of coffee.  I am not sure when it happened, but I turned into my mother. I remember thinking the obsession with coffee was such a grown up thing.  My mom still goes through a pot of coffee by herself when she is home from work.  I can’t do that or I will have massive gut rot, but there is something about the smell of it in the morning, and those first sips that make my day doable…even if I am starting out massively exhausted.
  2. Music. Music is my family’s love language.  If we want to be in a good mood, we simply turn on the tunes and dance!  Eddie got a V-Tech “tablet” for Christmas and he chiefly uses it to play his favorite tunes LOUDLY.  “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen is his current favorite.  In the car we listen to the Sofia the First soundtrack.  “Make some Noise” is the best way to get us cheery when we are on the move!
  3. Screens. There. I admitted it.  I rely on screens to help me be a more sane mother–especially during cold weather months.  Eddie has an old laptop that we let him use for Nick Jr, Disney Jr, and PBS games.  He has games for the Wii.  He has his V-Tech Tablet. And we allow him time on Cort’s tablet and my Nook for books and apps.  Oh we do our fair share of playing, but since we are also starting to ween nap, the best way to get some quiet time when he gets grumpy is to allow screen time.
  4. History Channel Marathons. When Charlie is down for nap and Eddie is having quiet time, I LOVE to veg out in front of a History Channel marathon.  I am not talking about shows like Ice Road Truckers or Swamp People.  I like the documentary-style shows.  Give me Modern Marvels or a special on anything that has to do with religious theory or world/American History.  I could watch hours and hours devoted to the fricking plague if you let me.
  5. Comfy Clothes. I get up early, get dressed up, and go to work nine months of the year.  When I am doing the SAHM thing, I like to be comfortable yet not a hot mess.  If I don’t shower, I feel like garbage.  I need to be able to shower and put on yoga or sweats that I don’t feel ashamed of in public.  I don’t go out to eat in my yoga pants, but I might run to Target or Starbucks in them.  I like to feel cute, yet comfy.  Generally when summer is coming around, I will spend some money on getting some cute cotton skirts from Old Navy or GAP and a couple pairs of yoga pants for in the AC at home.
  6. Peanut Butter M&Ms. I really don’t think I need to explain this.
  7. Goldfish and Juice Boxes. Again, if you have hungry kids, I don’t need to explain this one.  I am positive that a juice box–based solely on the novelty alone in my house–earns big points with the kiddos.

Looking back at my list I am noticing a trend.  Keep my kids and I fed and comfortable, and we are happy campers.

And when the kids are happy, Mommy is happy.  Am I right?

What is in your Mommy Survival Kit?  Tweet it to @NaturesBakery 9ncluding the hashtag #momsurvival for a chance to WIN it!  Nature’s Bakery is choosing for people to send some Survival kits too…along with some tasty Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars, of course!

*This post was sponsored by Nature’s Bakery.  They sent me some yumm-0 fig bars (that I learned I can buy in a store near me…yay!) and I wrote about my Mommy Survival Kit because I thought the idea was fun.  All thoughts are my own.


If you are a mom with internet access you have probably visited some sort of group resource site aimed to give you resources and advice.

You’ve probably also fell down the rabbit hole of searching big box department store websites trying to find products for your baby or toddler.

After a while they can all start to look the same, and in my opinion, very cluttered, overwhelming, and confusing.

Everything is blinking at you!

There are things to sign up for!

How can I find the answer I am looking for? Oh look an ad for nipple shields!

After Eddie was born, I gave up on using sites for legit answers to my questions.  There was just too much going on in the chat rooms–not to mention mean, judgmental mommas–and I really didn’t know how to navigate through so much.

When I was pregnant with Charlie I didn’t even try again. There were times I really wished I could find what the latest and greatest stuff was for baby…especially when I realized Charlie was so different than his brother as a newborn.  But there just wasn’t a place I knew about that seemed both helpful and user-friendly.

Until now.

I am SO excited to announce the United States launch of BabyHuddle.Com (previously exclusively UK), a “social shop” full of resources for moms and dads BY moms and dads. Check out this tidbit from their “about” section:

[W]e set ourselves the objective to build a site where parents can be comfortable soliciting suggestions and sharing product recommendations between themselves. From browsing each other’s lists of products and answering their questions, parents will find all the information they need within this fun and supportive community. We’ve also ensured that you can find a huge range of cool products at great prices for you to get.

BabyHuddle is not crowded with eleventy billion possible things to click on blinking at you from all over your screen.  It is simple and organized.  There are three areas: Shop, Lists, & Ask.

The Shop area is where I have already spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME, if I am being honest.  Everything is separated into categories, much like a Babies R Us type site, but it’s easier to navigate without all the drop down menus.

The Lists area is where you can create wishlist, must have lists, and any other list you want.  You can also browse other people’s lists.  For instance, Charlie is getting his top front teeth and even with his amber necklace, they are kicking homeboy’s booty (literally…he has the diaper rash to prove it).  So I peeked through the lists other moms had started and wouldn’t you know it? Someone had started a “Teething Essentials” list.  BOOM!

And look! I already created my own list!

The Ask area is where you can ask a question or browse questions that have already been asked to see if someone asked something you were wondering.  You can also answer questions here.  I REALLY love this part of the site because it’s what makes it different from just a store. It’s also a community.  It’s moms helping each other out with advice and products they have used and loved.

Think Babies R Us meets BabyCenter, but without all the hoopla.

As BabyHuddle’s about section states, they are the “leading social baby shop”.

To celebrate their awesome, you should really go sign up now.  It’s free. It’s easy.

And I am over there making lists like a madwoman.


This post has been sponsored by  While I have been compensated for my time, I have not been given my opinions.  Those are all my own.

Safety is as Safety Does {Giveaway!}

Blogging has brought me many things that I wouldn’t otherwise have the privilege of having in my life.

I’ve met people from all over the country.

People all over the world read my words.

I have made real friends who would have been inaccessible to me without the world of the written word.

I have flown across the country all alone to meet (and shack up with) women I only knew through avitars and words.

I have family pictures hanging in my house of friends in Mexico, Canada, and all over the USA.

Blogging has also brought me opportunities to save money for my children’s college funds, their Christmas and birthday presents, and other needs they have.

This past weekend blogging brought me to yet another place I would have never imagined.

Saturday I spent my afternoon in my local Babies R Us as part of a nationwide (50 cities!) product launch event for Graco referred to on social media as GracoSafety.  When did this become my life?!?

I was (am!) completely humbled to be chosen by SITS Girls to be a part of this huge event.

We kicked it all off at 1pm with our first of two sessions. With the help of the lovely Amanda, I did a demonstration of the new Graco SnugRide Click Connect 40 car seat for a small, but super interested audience.  Amanda took lots of pics and tagged them with the #GracoSafety hashtag…along with all the rest of the participants in sessions all over the country.

Cort and I are big Graco fans, so to be part of this was awesome.  We already own the Graco Snugride 34, and so I felt super confident in my demonstration skills to show the new features on the Click Connect 40.

And I must say, by the time the day was over, I was super sad that this didn’t come out a year earlier while I was pregnant with Charlie.

Some of my favorite features include…

  • It is the only infant car seat that provides rear-facing protection for babies from birth to two-years old.  4 pounds up to 40 pounds.
  • The base has 8 recline positions so it can go from an infant carrier, to permanent rear-facing car seat for your child up to two years (40 pounds)
  • It’s super cute with it’s inserts to keep tiny babies cozy and comfy.
  • All the adjustments are simple and can be done with one hand: the harness, the head adjustment, even putting the seat in and out of the base.
  • There is no more re-threading of the straps as baby grows (my husband’s jaw dropped when he heard this since he is always on car seat strap adjustment patrol in our house).  It’s all done on the back of the seat.
  • it is light and easy to carry.
  • It’s unbelievably easy to use, so when you are running errands and in and out of the car with the baby, you won’t feel like your arms are falling off.

Honestly I was afraid that I would sound like a sales rep for Graco, but as a mom of two, I truly fell in love with this product.

The best parts of the day?  Giving away two of these seats!

I was totally jealous of the winners since Charlie is at that awkward age (7 months) where he is really too big for the carrier, but we don’t have another rear-facing car seat available (thanks to his brother being too young/small to graduate from the convertible seat to a booster) for him to switch.

Lucky for us, Graco has us covered there too.  I see a trip to the store in our future.

Anyway, back to the Click Connect.

It is the bees knees, and the next time we get a bun in my oven?  We will be trading in our old Snugride so we can get credit toward a new Click Connect 40 (because oh yes, Babies R Us has the trade in program!  Bring in your expired seat and get credit toward a new one).

The Graco Snugride Click Connect 40 is exclusively available at Babies R Us, so you know what I get to do?  Give one of you lucky peeps a $25 Gift Card to Babies R Us!

Aw yeah.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below about how you would spend the $25 if you win.

That’s it. Easy peasy.

Contest is open from Thursday, October 25 at midnight EST until Thursday, November 1 at midnight EST.


The Graco SnugRide® Click Connect™ 40 – the first and only newborn to two-year infant car seat that actually grows with your baby from four pounds all the way up to 40 pounds. The car seat is designed for a parent on the go. The infant car seat can be easily removed from the base and used as a carrier when the infant is small, providing portability and convenience so you can easily move your infant in and out of the car without disturbing them.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently made the recommendation to keep all children in rear-facing car seats until the age of 2. Graco set out to make this product so parents can keep infants rear facing longer while still keeping them comfortable.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Graco. The opinions and text are all mine.

***this giveaway is now closed***

taking care of me FOR me

My friends hate me.

Actually, what they hate is that whenever I get pregnant, I lose weight.

No really.  I do.

It’s because I am by far the most healthiest when I am pregnant.

With Eddie, the minute I found out he was in there baking, I became incredibly self-conscious about what I was putting in my body since, you know, it was going in HIS body too. {and truth be told, after losing two pregnancies, I was hyper-sensitive about keeping Eddie in there at all costs}.

Either way, I only gained 19 pounds when I was pregnant with Eddie.

With Charlie I gained ZERO pounds.  Actually, I gained some weight in my 2nd tri, but it came off in my third.  I gave birth two pounds below my weight when I conceived the little Bird.

People were astounded.

My friends proclaimed their hate for me.

And then everyone wanted to know how I did it.

nine months pregnant with Eddie…less than 20 lbs gained

1. I took my prenatal vitamins.  EVERY DAY.  Seriously.  I am convinced that by taking them I warded off a lot of cravings since cravings are generally from the lack of something (side note: have you heard of the pregnant women who crave weirdo non-food stuff like dirt and cigarette butts?  I recently read that is from a lack of vitamin or nutrient too, so another reason to take your prenatals!)

2. With Eddie I exercised, even if it was just walking, until I absolutely could not anymore due to the ridiculous amount/frequency of Braxton Hicks.

3. With Charlie, I switched my diet (and most of Cort & Eddie’s diets) to real food.  That meant if man-made chemical crap had to be added to it to make it edible for human consumption?  We did NOT eat it.  No more veggie oil or “fat free” or “non-fat” crap.  More fresh food and organic food and olive oil. In fact, I learned a TON about DHA and how Charlie depended on ME to have the “good fat” to make his brain better (smarter).  Well, fake foods have the “bad fats”, and eating REAL food helped make sure my Charlie Bird was getting what he needed to be a smarty pants some day.

I guess throwing up constantly my first trimester and having the stomach capacity of a pea helps to not pack on the pounds too.

But really, I ate quite well during pregnancy.

90% of the time if I craved sweets when I was pregnant with Eddie, I nommed on fresh fruit.

nine months pregnant with Charlie & down 2 pounds.

With Charlie, I didn’t do as well always choosing fruit, but since 85% of what I was eating was “real”, when I did have a treat (my poison was peanut butter m&ms), it wasn’t frequent and I didn’t binge on them (see the note about a stomach the size of a pea).

My doctor was never worried about my weight loss or lack of gaining.  Let’s face it, I started off with more than I needed, so losing some…as long as the baby was growing…was not a bad thing.

So that is what I did.

And after both babies were born I kept up with my prenatal vitamins.

Ok…confession?  After Charlie I let mine run out.


This is when my friends no longer hated me.

Because this is also when my hair started falling out in CLUMPS (I know hair falls out anyway, but it was so much worse than after Eddie), my acne got wonky, and my weight blew up.

When I restarted taking vitamins, I took the BrainStrong Prenatals.  With the folic acid and biotin in them, my hair loss slowed down and my nail growth kicked it up a notch. (plus it is loaded with DHA. I am totally taking these during my next pregnancy, yo.)

I started feeling less tired and grouchy.

(note: this also coincided with  my antidepressant med increase since it was thought both the increase in ADs and taking a vitamin would help.  It totally did).

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I need to take care of myself as well when it’s just me in this body as I do when I am sharing my body with someone else.

I need to learn to take care of me for ME.

And so with the new school year starting, I am getting back on a real food kick with my breakfast, snacks, and lunch for sure, and hopefully with the dinners we prepare too.

I am going to try to ditch soda (again) and replace it with water, water, WATER.

My latte and frapaccino intake will decrease so I won’t have all that nasty fat being added to my midsection 3-4 times a week.

And I will continue to take a prenatal vitamin and my meds.  Not because I am looking to get pregnant any time soon (Oh LORD no), but because even my doc tells me that prenatals are really the best women’s vitamin out there because they have the most good “stuff”.\

Eventually I will work exercise into the schedule, but first I need to start small and manageable.

So there.  My start to taking better care of ME.

What do you do to take care of YOU?  Do you still take vitamins?  Did you (or do you) take prenatal vitamins while pregnant?  Let’s talk about health here, friends.


I was compensated by SITS and BrainStrong for this post as well as provided a free sample of BrainStrong Prenatal Vitamins.  All opinions and stories are my own.

What’s With All the Hullabalu?

Last week this little guy appeared on our doorstep:

This guy’s name is Ziggy and he came home to us from Hullabalu, an online company that, up until recently, curated stuffed animals from other companies for their site.  Ziggy was one of those animals.

He came to live with us because he fits our nursery’s zoo theme perfectly.  I tried to place him next to Charlie’s giraffe, but someone had other plans for him.

No, that is not the nursery Ziggy is in.  That would be Eddie’s room.

Eddie sort of fell in love with him the minute I took Ziggy out of the box, so who was I to deny a 3-year old some cuddles with a cute elephant?

Right now, Hullabalu is working on their own line of animals due out October first.  There will be five animals with a fantastical story line to go with them: a turtle and a fox, possibly a panda and/or a dragon.

You will not want to miss out!

Right now, the Hullabalu site has launched with a referral program. If you head over there with my link, I will earn points and so will you!  Points get you money off your order, free shipping, and a TON more!

I have to be honest, I really can’t wait!  I know already that I will be choosing two animals to welcome my nieces to the world when they are born in November, and maybe something for Charlie for Christmas (since you know, Eddie took over his Ziggy).

So head over, sign up, and send out invites so you can have access to some cuddly friends for the kids in your life!

Legal Stuff: I was sent Ziggy the elephant as compensation for this post.  He did not, however come with the opinions.  Those are my own.

better than ignoring the Today Show

Since having my second child something has happened to my regular reading schedule.

I don’t just mean that I read even less than I did before (I do, by the way), I mean what is in my google reader has changed.

After Eddie was born, I was searching for people just like me.  People having the same struggles.  I was desperate to know I wasn’t alone.  I was also looking to laugh since I felt like my world was falling apart.  Laughing helped get through each day.

While I still have some of my favorite blogs and sites from those darker days of momhood hanging out in my reader because they have become friends and touchstones in my life, new things are popping up.

One of the sites I visit daily is

Let me back up…

For the past three months I have been turning on The Today Show when Charlie and I get up.  And everyday I hop on twitter and complain about The Today Show.

I am sure the entire internet wonders why in the crap I still turn it on.

Well that is an easy answer, I don’t.  Not because I don’t want to, but because Eddie is now home with me, so we are watching Octonauts at 7am (don’t even talk to me about this show.  It’s weird.  I could do a whole post on it’s weirdness).

So why do I still want to watch the Today Show even though it bothers me?  Because I like most of of the segments, just not all of the segments. I wish I could scroll through their offerings and choose which ones I want to view because most of them are ridiculous (I do NOT care about any celebrity and their “reality” show.  You are a celebrity…that by itself is not reality).

This is why I love

It’s sort of a new site and I found it because some of my favorite people in the whole wide world write there.

I stayed (and subscribed) because it’s exactly like the Today Show–only in print,so I can “tune in” to read any time during the day.  I can also pick to read what interests me.

So I skip most celebrity stuff (‘cuz it brings me down, yo.  I will never be that hip.  #sadpanda #hashtaggingablogpost), and hit up the funny, the interesting, and the important…to me…stuff.

For instance, as a high school teacher and a mom to kids who will be tweens some day I enjoyed How to Handle Tweens with Attitude.

Again as a teacher and mom to an almost-three-year-old, I was interested in iPhones for First Graders? Have we Gone Mad?

This is the one I thought was so important I shared it with my husband: June is National Safety Month: How Safe is Your Family?

Because I want to make my/our carbon footprint a little smaller, I like articles like Green Your Cleaning Routine.

And because I am obsessed with finding new yummy recipes, I just added Fully Loaded Tex Mex Sliders to my “recipes” bookmarks.

An extra bonus to allParenting?  They have an entire section devoted to baby names.  I KNOW! Even though we JUST had a baby?  I find you are never too “not having babies” to love reading about baby names.  Am I right?  Can I get an amen?


So yes, allParenting is better than the Today Show except that you don’t get to ogle Matt Lauer.

Now excuse me while I pour over the Top 100 Baby Boy Names from 2011 to see if my boys’ names are on it.


The legal stuff: This post is sponsored by  All opinions are my own.  I chose the links to use because I really do love reading about these things.

more than a job

I’m a working mom.

Yes, it’s difficult.  You can find a slew of blogs by and about being a working mom that will lay out all of the trials and tribulations we face each day.

From sending our children to someone else all day long to the exhaustion of parenting after a long day of being “on” for adults.

For the most part, I can usually nod my head and think, “preach it!  don’t I know it!”

But in truth, I like being a working mom.

At first I felt incredibly guilty about liking it.

When Eddie was three months old, I went back to teaching after having the summer off.  In my head I was so excited to get up, shower, and leave the house to be around people all day.  I was looking forward to planning and teaching and problem-solving and talking to people.  I was hungry to put my degree back to work and teach literature and writing.

In my heart, I felt immense guilt.  I didn’t think I could tell anyone how excited I was, because being happy to leave my baby?  Probably meant I was a terrible mother.  And the truth was, I did miss the little guy.  But shortly after I went back to work, Cort lost his job.  Cort being home with Eddie suddenly gave me permission–at least in my mind–to enjoy being gone.

I had peace of mind.

But I also felt smothered under people when I was at home.

I was never alone other than after school in my classroom with the door closed.

It’s taken a couple years of therapy and writing about it for me to realize I can love work AND love being a mom.

It’s OK to love to work outside the home.

In fact, I am pretty sure that my going to work every day is what make me a better mom to Eddie, and soon to Charlie.

I know it’s not for everyone.  I do.  And I know there are some of you shaking your head at this post (if you are even still reading) wondering how in the world a mother can choose a job over her kids.

But for me, I am choosing my sanity…which means I am choosing my kids.

And it’s not just a “job” to me.  From the time I was five, I was already teaching my little brother and making him sit in front of my play easel and learn his letters.  Teaching is something I have always wanted, and education is something I feel very deeply about.

And I think if your job is something you have poured your heart into, making the decision to stay or go is not a light one.

For me, staying home wasn’t an option due to the fact that we needed the income and the slam dunk awesome insurance.

But there are other things that keep me there…

  • The routine.  Working gives our whole family not just a daily routine, but a weekly one, a monthly one, and because I am a teacher, a yearly one.  We know when my time off will be.  I can schedule appointments and playdates and everything based on my work schedule.
  • The routine.  Wait.  Did I already say that?  Oh yeah, well I can count it twice because putting our family on a routine means there are starts and stops to things.  Beginnings and ends…especially with being a teacher.  It’s not an endless day or week or month of the same thing.
  • The adult interaction for me.  I am a pretty good combo of introvert and extrovert, and while I need alone time (specifically naps) to recharge, I also need social interaction.  I need to talk to adults about things other than diapers and nap times.  I need to discuss professional things.
  • The kid interaction for my kids.  Eddie was born to love daycare.  He is a social little bug and staying home with me day after day…no matter how many fun things I can come up with for us to do…leaves him crabby and buggy after after a while.  He thrives on getting to play with other kids.  Daycare gives him all the social interaction he needs plus it teaches him things he can’t learn at home because there aren’t other kids here (yet):  sharing, turn-taking, group play, etc.
  • The distance in my mind from home things. My job doesn’t just get me out of my house, it gets me out of my town.  It’s a 40-minute commute from my suburban, super safe friendly small town to an urban school district.   The minute I walk into the school where I teach, I am miles away both in my mind and in physical distance, from anything that is going on at home.  Potty training and bills and the laundry  are out of sight and mind while I focus on other things.

All of these things are awesome, but the biggest benefit of my working has yet to be seen.

I believe the biggest thing I am showing my sons (and any future children) is that as a woman, I can do anything I want.  I can stay home with them OR I can choose a career.  Either way, I can be an awesome mom.


Disclosure:  This post about the benefits of being a working mom was sponsored by Global Response, and inbound call center. Agents for Global Response work with brands and companies via phone and chat…a great job for a mom who is looking to help with the family income.  While Global Response has sponsored this post, they did not provide my opinions or experience.  Those are all my own.  I really do love being a working mom.