A Handmade Summer: ModTots

Many of you already know the dynamic duo that is Megan and Greg Deal, yes?

You probably know them best from their incredibly awesome (dare I say “Herculean”) biz Modern Bird Studios.  It’s no secret that I have fallen madly in love with Greg’s artistic ability and hope to one day have a massive Greg Deal aka Modern Bird work hanging in my house.

But maybe some of you don’t know that Megan and Greg have a fairly new business.  It’s just for the kiddos.

Sluiter Nation is totally in love with ModTots!

A little while back, I won a credit to ModTots via Heir to Blair.  I immediately picked out Pierce the Giraffe for Eddie’s room.

We chose a blue background to match Eddie’s room.

And we are planning to get the monkey for his new room.  In fact, I totally planned Eddie’s new room around the different motifs available by Modtots.

Besides the cutie animals, the have robots….

And monsters!  I will tell you the monsters came in a close second to the monkey theme we ended up going with, but Cort thought I would buy out the entire Modtots collection (he would be correct)…

So cute, right?  But wait!  They don’t just do “boy” art…Greg has a “sweet” line for the little girls too…

You can read all the FAQ about ModTots here, but it’s good to know that Greg paints on wood that is an Oak composite and the square pieces are available in 6″x6″, 12″x12″, and 24″x24″ sizes.  The rectangular pieces (like the sweet giraffe) is available in 6″x12″ and 12″x24″ sizes.

And all pieces are signed by Greg.

As Megan would say?  Boom.

Want your own ModTots creation?  Yeah, you do.  You can get a painting or you can get a print and frame it yourself.

Check out the site here for all their products.

You want more?  Ok!  “Like” ModTots on facebook and get updates about when they are running deals or find out what blogs they have giveaways on.

And you should follow ModernBird (Megan) and ModTots on twitter.  As well as Greg because they are just funny.

They are a rockin’ couple with some rockin’ businesses.

And they are Sluiter Nation approved.




A Handmade Summer: mL photography

Yay!  It’s here!  My series of lovely, wonderful handmade/small businesses that I want to share with you!

I am so honored to kick off the series with someone who exudes the awesome.  She is my very wonderful in real life friend, Missy.

Missy is the powerhouse crazy lady behind mL photography.


why yes, that is Eddie when he was 6 days fresh

Not only does she take amazing photographs, but she is a ball of fun.  I am serious.  She is non-stop hilarious and will stop at nothing to get you to smile genuinely for that perfect picture.


she can even make boys smile!


Missy will dance and sing and stand on her head just to get you to reveal your truth.  That is what she wants to capture…your truth.

I have watched her in action.  This woman has scaled building and rickety swing sets.  She has laid herself on the cold, wet ground.  She has hiked up sand dunes almost 9 months pregnant.  Just to find the perfect shot.


i'm sure she was balancing on one toe and her ear to get this shot.

Did I mention that she is hilarious?  And that she is one of my best friends on this whole earth?  Because she so is.


even her kids love me

I wish I could send her to every single one of you, but alas she is local to me.  She will travel to the surrounding West Michigan area…and she has even been known to do a shoot in Chicago if it coordinates to a trip her family was taking anyway.  So I would definitely recommend checking her cute self out.


she has a special love for the beach

I used to say she specialized in the itty bitty baby pictures…but she has come so far!  She handles children WONDERFULLY!

People are always amazed that she can capture the innocence and mischievousness of children so well.  I think it is because she is such a child at heart.

She relates really well to teenagers too.  Her senior pictures always show off the unique personality of each teen.  She definitely doesn’t used boxed ideas for everyone.

She wants to make sure your personality and truth come through via her lens.

She is amazing.

And she is the only person I trust to take my photo.

Cuz she can make Sluiter Nation look good.

Interested in mL photography?  You should probably go like her on facebook.  Even if you are nowhere near local, you can at least see when she does Eddie’s 2 year shoot this weekend!

And if you ever are local?  Hit her up.  She so wants to take your picture.

The Legal Stuff:  mL photography did not compensate me in any way for this highlight/review of her services.  I told her I was going to do it and she said, “yay!”  But I am using her for our pictures because I lurve her.  So there is that.