Baba + Boo Review {and Giveaway!}

2013-02-09 13.30.54

Being the second child and the second boy, poor Charlie doesn’t have many things that are new to him.  For Christmas he got a couple things, but really, he just didn’t need anything.

I kind of feel bad for him.  I mean, not that he cares, but he doesn’t have a lot that is just his.

When the UK company Baba and Boo announced that they would like to make a United States debut, I jumped at the chance to help them out and give Charlie a little something of his own.

As their welcome message says…

Welcome to a completely new shopping experience for your Babas and Boos…cloth nappies and funky fashion..

Admittedly I read everything on their site with a British accent.  A very bad British accent.


They have bunches and bunches of awesome cloth diaper products (if I were thinking of cloth diapering, this would probably put me over the edge to try. I mean, they even have cute reusable wipes!), and tons of super cute, unique clothing items.

They also have training pants that are like a diaper/undies hybrid. They help when you’re potty training your little one.  He/she feels the wet, but your flooring does not.  HOW AMAZING IS THAT?

I won’t lie, when I was contacted, I sort of wished Eddie hadn’t just been potty trained so we could try those out.

But alas, I have a potty trained 3-year old and not even close to potty training 11-month old.

So I picked a long-sleeved T-shirt for Charlie.

And doesn’t he look so cute?

2013-02-09 18.16.47

The shirts are nice and heavy-duty, totally not thin or flimsy.  They also have the neckline that is similar to a onsie, which I like because I can clip Charlie’s paci-clip to it.

I also liked how unique the design is.

I have a tendency to buy all things Carters since we have an outlet just down the road.  But then my kids look like all the other kids in America.  This is affordable and different.

Plus they carry baby legs.  If you follow me on instagram, you know I love baby legs.

I love Baba and Boo.

I am pretty sure you will too.  Especially since they want to give one of you a T-shirt for the little peanut in your life!

Just follow the directions in the widget below to enter.  And good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Legal Stuff: Baba + Boo sent me the t-shirt pictured above and they will be providing a t-shirt to the winner of this contest.  They did not provide my opinions.  Those are my own.


  1. Love the robot one.

  2. So cute!! Both Charlie and the tee. When are these cute brands ever going to come to Malaysia?

  3. Purple rabbit would be perfect for my daughter.

  4. I love it. So cute.

  5. A nice British hedgehog. If they want more reviewers as a Brit I’d live to support a British company starting out.

  6. Mamaintheburbs says:

    What an adorable line for kids!!

  7. So cute!

  8. I love the hedgehog shirt. So cute. And I read this whole post in a (terrible) British accent. LOL.

  9. I want the training pants and the baby legs for potty training the twins!!! Then you don’t have to pull pants up and down ALL the time!!!

  10. So cute! And gosh he’s big!

    I want the fox shirt. 🙂

  11. I LOVE the little fox!

  12. Very cute!!

  13. I’d move to win!

  14. I love the frog! I’d try to have L wear it then Z!

  15. I’d like to hear your British accent.

    Super cute stuff.


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