Trying to Be an UpScale Mom


Before Charlie was born, we finished our downstairs basement.

We knew from the first piece of drywall that went up that this would be the bathroom for the kids that lived downstairs…probably boys (and then, yup, Charlie was a boy), but it would also serve as a secondary bathroom to any guests we have over.

We wanted the room to be cute, but not too kidish; boyish, but not overly boy-themed; attractive, but user-friendly.

My favorite part of building this bathroom was being able to choose everything that went into it.  The color (orange!), the fixtures, the cabinets, the mirror, and all the accessories.

Truth be told, this bathroom (and Eddie’s room and the nursery) will be the hardest things for me to leave if/when we ever move on to a bigger home.  Cort gave me {almost} complete free-reign in “designing” and “decorating” those rooms.  All I needed was to avoid a veto from him…and that wasn’t hard, he can be talked into most design choices by my saying, “trust me, babe. It will be so awesome!”


For over a year and a half after the completion of the bathroom, this spot sat empty.  We couldn’t decide if we wanted artwork, shelving, or what to take up the spot.

Then I was contacted by UpScale Mom to try out their new product: The Windel.

It arrived on my doorstep all wrapped up in pretty paper with a big bow on it.  The first time it came, the package had been damaged, but UpScale Mom was quick to send me a new one…and this time, it was perfect!

The idea behind the Windel is that it’s not just a frame, not just a cabinet…it’s three products in one: A frame, a cabinet, AND a diaper/wipes dispenser!

See that pull-up sticking out of the side up there?  I pulled it out a little way so you could see that there is a diaper dispenser right on the side.


And underneath is a spot to dispense wipes.  It’s easy to slide the wipes in and open and close them from below to have easy access without having to rummage through a drawer or sprint back upstairs to the nursery for a diaper and wipe.  This is especially handy since this bathroom is right next to our playroom/family room downstairs.  Since Eddie graduated to being potty trained, we don’t keep a stock of diapers downstairs.  But we do now!


The inside…wipes on the bottom, diapers above, with Pull-ups above that for easy-access every night before Eddie’s bedtime.  We also store medicines in here since it’s too high for Eddie to reach.  His toothbrush is also safely tucked in there so it can stay clear of all the nasty that boys can do in bathrooms.

Someday, this will be able to convert to a regular cabinet (the angled shelf can be straightened) and as the boys grow, this will become their medicine cabinet.


We are EXTREMELY happy with our Windel and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has kids, small or not.  We use it in the bathroom, but we are thinking about getting a second one to keep in the living room upstairs as well.  Wii games and remotes can be tucked inside along with a stock of wipes and diapers for that room as well.  And the front is big enough (16 x 20 frame size) to fit a large family picture or some artwork.

I’m not blowing smoke up your shorts when I tell you this is one of my favorite products I’ve gotten to review in a LONG time.  Anything that hides the fact that I am up to my elbows in poop most of the time I am at home is a great product!

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Currently Windel is only available in the continental US, and will soon be available for purchase on Amazon and Ebay.  You can get your own now by shopping here.

Legal Stuff: I was sent a Windel to review, but was not further compensated.  All opinions are my own.


  1. That is fantastic.

  2. Oh gosh, I love the diaper/ wipes dispenser, so clever! Also, the prints are gorgeous.

    • Thanks, Alison! I bought the prints from an Etsy shop and was able to have them printed at Kinkos/FedEx. The frame is huge though,so if I put one in the living room, for instance, I would probably put a family picture or something in it. So useful and versatile!

  3. Thank you so very much for the review. Our team is very excited that the product worked well for you 🙂 So great to see our hardwork has paid off 🙂

    Sarah (Founder Upscale Mom)

  4. So freaking cool!

  5. Look at y’all all fancy and awesome!

  6. That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Love the bathroom too.

  7. Aha! In that first pic I was trying to figure out just what that was!


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