Breaking the First Rule of Healthy Club

EpiCorThe first rule of Healthy Club is to never mention you are in the Healthy Club.

Do not talk about Healthy Club.

Yeah, I am going to risk my family’s health and break this rule.

It seems like every time I log on to Facebook or Twitter, someone is sick.  Actually, more like everyone in the social media world is coming down with a form of the plague.

I would be lying if I didn’t feel completely exposed to it just by reading about it.  I may even use hand sanitizer after reading those updates.  I”m just saying.

Anyway, you would think with all this plague around, and being a teacher, and having small kids in daycare, I would have had us first in line for the flu shot.  But no.  We don’t “do” the flu shot.  It’s not for any controversially charged reasons other than a case of severe LAZY.

We do all the other things…we take our vitamins, we wash our hands to the point of dry and cracked, and we cover when we cough and sneeze.

So far, so good.  We are generally a pretty healthy family. (See? I just broke the rule.  Temping fate, much? Wait, I don’t believe in fate.  Phew.)

But I’ll be honest.  If we do ever get sick? I blame myself.  I’m the one who takes the germs in the house. (As I type this kids are coughing and hacking while doing their listening activity in Spanish class…yay germs flying through the air!)

Just under a month ago a package arrived on my doorstep. In it was a 30-day supply of EpiCor–an immune boosting supplement.

What is EpiCor? It’s an ingredient made up of protein, fiber, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and other metabolites. Studies have shown that when taken daily, EpiCor can help balance out the immune system.

I’ve read before that stress really brings down the immune system.  And if you know me at all, you know that I have stress.  And when I have stress, I get anxiety.  And then I get sick.  EpiCor is meant to balance out the immune system to combat the ill-effects stress can have.

I was all about trying it.  I already take a vitamin (still on prenatals since they are the “best” for women), eat pretty healthy foods (we cut out as much processed, not “real” foods as possible), and drink loads of water, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt during this nasty plague flu season if I helped my immune system a bit more.

So I have been taking it with my vitamin for almost 30 days.

And…here is the part where I am REALLY breaking the first rule of Healthy Club…I have not been sick at all this year.  Not even the sniffles.

Cort has had a bit of sniffles as have Eddie and Charlie, but generally? We have been a picture of complete health.

Now, I can’t credit EpiCor with the family’s health, but when I am healthy, the family tends to stay well too.  And I am definitely crediting EpiCor with that.

I can’t remember the last time I have stayed cold/flu free from the start of school through January.  I realize I have two more months of “flu season” left to go, but I have another month of EpiCor to use and hopefully that will help me ride out this nasty epidemic of the Nasty that everyone seems to be getting.

I’m seriously thinking of hitting up our local GNC to get more to take year-round.

Want more info?  Check out this youtube video about EpiCor. Or check out EpiCor’s site. Find out where to buy EpiCor here. And “like” EpiCor on facebook.

Disclaimer:I was provided two months worth of EpiCor to try and write about.  No other compensation was given.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I wash my hands after reading all the sick updates on my phone… Can’t help it. People are dropping like flies!

  2. Hold on — I never thought you were someone who stresses…

    I got the flu this year — after the flu shot (it always seems to happen), but I kicked it really early (despite getting hit hard, I only missed a day of work, though I was questionably effective for another two days).

    I’m always tempted, with no small bit of trepidation, about products like these . . . I’d love to “boost my immune system” to the point where I’m never feeling like I’m fighting something off. At the same time, I worry about my body relying on stuff I’m putting into it to do what it, naturally, should be doing. If you get off of this juice, are you then MORE susceptible to getting sick? What happens if something does get you sick while on it — is it the same as being on antibiotics “too often,” where your body just struggles to fight with anything?

    Anyhoozits, it’s difficult to complain, or worry, when a stressed out mother & wife & teacher & friend can make it this far through the “sick season” while not being sick. So here’s to you 🙂

    • yeah, I have worried about those things too…but it’s all natural stuff, so it’s like taking a vitamin. I did run it past my GP and he said it would be fine.

      And RIGHT? Even though I am constantly not getting enough sleep, i am still healthy. That in itself is a small miracle!

    • I have the same fears but the logic in there is lost because if your body was doing what it was supposed to then we wouldn’t need the extra help.. because truth is we don’t eat right, sleep right, hydrate right period. Like you I keep something all season because my kids drag it in from school and husband from work. Did you see where Piers Morgan got the flu days after Dr. Oz giving him the flu shot and saying oh no you can’t get sick from this.. Well technically most are filled with not quite dead virus, just enough to supposedly make your immune system kick in and attack. But it also is not effective against the flu that manifests this year, because each year the flu mutates, becoming a little worse, a little stronger which is why they manufacture a new vaccine mix each year. So I am all for getting the things we need to boost our bodies.

  3. The child got the lfu shot because I couldn’t forgive myself if she got the flu and it was as easy as getting it at her well check up. I however, never get the flu shot and work with preschoolers. I’ve only had some head gunk going on. The child has only had one day of nose running. I’m pretty relieved how the year has played out so far. I usually don’t get sick, but I do tend to lose my voice at least once or twice, and that hasn’t happened yet. Yaaay.