Bucks for Lists

If you’re anything like my family, you are busy keeping one eye on the internet watching for deals, giveaways, and free stuff this time of year.

Giving is one of my most favorite thing ever (yes, even more than getting), and every year I wish that we just had MORE so I could give more.

Well, I have a chance for you to possibly win some Amazon money to jump start your holiday shopping…or buy yourself a little treat.

I’ve told you before that I am in love with BabyHuddle, yes?

I have found myself wasting time researching for Charlie’s Christmas list numerous times.  Instead of browsing entire categories of products, I usually head over to the Lists Section.

These are made for parents by parents.  They are products real people have used and are recommending.  I’ll take that instead of overwhelming myself by looking through a million different bottle choices any day.

Anyway, list-making is super easy.  Here is one I  made today…

All products I have used for feeding that I would definitely recommend to someone.
Ok, I know…you want to know how to win some Amazon bucks, yes?
All you have to do is register as a BabyHuddle user and create a list.  Seriously. It’s that easy.
The first person to create an account on BabyHuddle US* with a profile picture using the above link a list  will automatically win $10 to Amazon**. Yippee!  So quick sign up and make a list!
In order to qualify, Lists must…
  • have a description of what the list is
  • include at LEAST 7 products
  •  include annotations for each product
But wait! There’s more!
Everyone* who creates a profile with picture and makes a list according to the rules above will be entered to win Amazon dinero!  In order to win, you need to get people to “vote” for you list by clicking the “helpful” button next to your list.
There will be THREE winners…
  1. List with the most helpful votes wins $50
  2. List with the 2nd most helpful votes wins $30
  3. List with the 3rd most helpful votes wins $10
So to recap…
  • Sign up for BabbleHuddle using this link.
  • Upload a profile picture.
  • Create a list of a least 7 products with annotations (first person to do this gets $10 to Amazon automatically)
  • Encourage people to check out your list and click “helpful” next to the list.
  • The top three lists with the most “helpful” votes will win!


Terms and Conditions

*All participants in this contest must be based in the USA to win

** Amazon bucks cannot be turned in for cash.

This contest will run for two weeks.  Starting today (Tue, November 20) until Tuesday, December 4.

Winners will be the top three “vote” getters.  In the case of a tie, BabyHuddle will determine a winner.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post.  I just want to spread the cheer of winning a little extra moolah for the holidays.  Also I love BabyHuddle and would love to see you all there!



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