PaLooZa BooTY #13

   Welcome to SLuiTeRPaLooZa DAY 3!!!

In case you didn’t know, Saturday will mark my FIVE YEAR Blogaversary.


What better way to celebrate than with something HUGE?

And so, SLuiTeRPaLooZa was born.

FIFTEEN giveaways over three days = PaLooZa BooTY.

You know you want to win some.

So here we go.

BooTY the FiRST is a Thirty-One Utility Bag.

BooTY the SeCoND is a Blog Makeover.

BooTY the THiRD is something pretty for your hair.

BooTY the FouRTH is a dozen yummy cookies.

BooTY the FiFTH is a book of  good reads.

BooTY the SiXTH is another Thirty-One Utility Bag!

BooTY the SeVeNTH is a funny bookish tote

BooTY the eiGTH is a sweet pack of accessories

BooTY the NiNTH is an organizing bag and headband

BooTY the TeNTH is a $20 credit for handmade coasters and/or pillow covers

BooTY the eLeVeNTH: a $30 credit for handmade cute for the kiddos and babies.

BooTY the TWeLFTH is pretty letters for your wall!

BooTY the THiRTHeeNTH:

I don’t know about you, but cleaning up toys is my least favorite thing ever.

I hate to do it AND my kid hates to do it.

And when those toys are BATH toys that are all wet?


We have like a million letters and numbers for the tub.  Fishing those suckers out? Is the opposite of fun.

I wish SOMEONE out there made a scoop that was also the storage for the bath toys.

Oh wait.

Brica has a NEW Super Scoop!

This handy little guy not only scoops up the toys, it lets the water drain out and then attaches to most bath/shower walls.

I really wish we had one of these.

I LOVE Brica products!

I have two sisters-in-law who are pregnant right now and whether they register for them or not, they are getting Brica gifts from me.

That is how awesome this company is.

And they are giving one of YOU this awesome new Super Scoop!

Yay for you (said as I turn green with envy)!!

Enter to win in the Rafflecopter widget below.

Good luck!

And party on!

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The Legal Stuff: Brica is providing the super scoop to one lucky winner.  I get nothing but the joy of giving.  Although sometimes I think I would like a super scoop more than joy.  Just kidding.  Sort of.