the coaster roller coaster

I have a long and torrid history with coasters.

Yup.  That’s right.  Coasters–those things you put your drink on so that a ring isn’t left on the wood from the dripping condensation?

mmm hmmm.

Growing up, my mom hated coasters because they were “clutter”.

But she was also ridiculously meticulous about spills and not having drinks anywhere other than at the table or counter.

When I got my own place, I bought these coasters that were square hunks of glass that I could put pictures in.  They were cute.

They traveled with me to the home Cort and I bought together.

They were still cute, but they were a pain to keep clean.  The dried condensation was like a magnet for dust and ick.  I had to use Windex to get them clean.

And then we had Eddie.  And I suddenly realized they were Weapons of Mass Destruction.

They could gouge my tables, rip my leather, dent my baby.

They were donated to Good Will.

We invested in some nice, round, cornerless, brown leather coasters.


They went into the toddler mouth.  And then they looked like used dog toys.


We have been coasterless for the past year or so because we can’t find family-friendly ones that aren’t totally ugly.

And that, my friends, is why the interwebs are such a lovely place.

My friend, Nicci, from Changing the Universe, just recently opened an etsy shop by the same name!

And guess what she makes?


She also makes pillow case covers…which oh my goodness, I might have to order for our living room pillows.  That whole “having a family” thing happened to our throw pillows too.  It wasn’t just the coasters.


Anyway, these coasters are EXACTLY what we have been looking for!

The are fabric so they are soft so if they get chucked across the room by a raging toddler dropped, no one’s toe is in danger of being severed.

If they are gnawed on, they won’t look like a chipmunk attacked them.

If they get dirty, they can be washed.

And the bonus?  I picked them to match my living room exactly.

So my drink looks good chillin’ on top of them.

So…ya want some coasters from Nicci?

Yeah you do.

She is offering Sluiter Nation readers a 10% discount on your ENTIRE order (so coasters, pillow cases, all of it) with the code THESLUITERS.  This code is good all week (today through Friday), so get your order in now! Everything is “ready to ship” so quantities of each style are limited.  That means if you see something you like?  You best scoop it up!

Oh wait…guess what else?

Nicci is also giving one lucky winner a set of coasters of her/his choice for FREE!

How to enter to win:

Head over to Nicci’s shop, Changing the Universe, and come back and tell us your favorite item.

That’s it!

What are you waiting for? Go!

Oh, and since you will fall in love with Nicci regardless of whether you win or not?  You should just go ahead and like her on facebook and follower her on twitter.  Just for the funs of it.

Disclosure:  Nicci sent me the 8 coasters photographed for review.  She is also providing the spoils of the giveaway.  She did not, however, provide me with my opinion.  That is my own.

This giveaway is open from Monday, February 27 at 7am est until Friday, March 2 at 5pm est.


  1. Love the purple leaves throw pillow cover

  2. It’s incredibly hard to choose. They are all beautiful & fun. But I really like the set of ‘dreamin’ coasters. Happy Monday!

  3. I love the seaside green pillow cover. It would be perfect for the pillow my insane dog ripped up. We have issues with pillows around here. Coasters? Not so much.

  4. I like the April Showers coasters!

  5. Charlotte Anne says:

    I love the hard To concentrate coasters!

  6. I love the hard to concentrate coasters!

  7. Those are beautiful! I love the Damask Dreamin’

    So glad you found your solution on the interwebs 🙂

  8. Until we had kids, I had polished granite coasters that I bought in Mexico. I loved them — until the whole “weapon of mass destruction” thing.

    My fear with the new coasters would be staining from fruit juice, or a saturated coaster that gets a drink left on it over night. But, a little diligence would solve those . . . and keep the pets from mortal peril.

  9. Our basement is grey/black and I’m looking for a punch of colour…so I’m digging the April Flower pillow case. Loving that bright yellow.

  10. Loving the Victorian Elegance! I want to haz one!

  11. I really, really like the Raspberry Beret coasters.

  12. I like the Sunday Brunch coasters. Thanks!

  13. I LOVE the coaster set Feeling Lucky.

    And a pillow cover, but I’m going to purchase it w/the discount & I don’t wanna make everyone else jealous when it’s gone! LoL

  14. I like the hard to concentrate coasters AND pillows. and I have a hard time concentrating. at all. so I like that we are one and the same. yes yes.

  15. I like the coming home set of coasters…. I wonder if I could get those in throw pillow covers?… hum…

  16. I love the ‘Coming Home’ coasters!

  17. April showers. Cute stuff!

  18. I have to say that Coming Home just might have to be my favorite! And they would go perfectly with my living room!

  19. Am loving Fabric Coasters – See Emily Play pattern. Really pretty colors and the Pink Floyd reference scored them extra points. 🙂

  20. love the Hard to Concentrate coasters!

  21. Ooh I like the Fabric Coaster – Damask Dreamin’ (Set of 4)

  22. I really really love the Hard to Concentrate ones!

    My second choice would be the Coming Home pattern so it’s not as girly for the men-folk in my house. Ha Ha!

    They are all sooooo gorgeous!

  23. I love the sunday brunch set! So bright!


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