Back to School Cute {Giveaway}

It’s that time of year.

I am going back to school.

I am not as depressed about it this year as the past couple years.  In fact, I might even be looking forward to it.  But don’t tell Eddie.

While hanging out with the little guy for three months has been fun, I am more than ready to be back in the land of people who do  not constantly ask “what dat, Ma Ma?” and point out every. single. thing. that goes by.

I am also ready to be with people I can reason with when they are having a meltdown.  Yes, teenagers have meltdowns, but I can talk to them when it happens, not just throw my hands up and walk away from a screaming, kicking pile.

(Of course as I write this, Eddie is sitting in his booster eating bananas and being fricking adorable.  It’s his mission in life to make me out to be a liar.)

Anyway…this year I did not go back to school shopping like I usually do.

For one, I don’t have any spare money to shop since I saved my allowance all summer for BlogHer.

For another, I am pregnant.  Instead of back to school shopping, I swapped out all my “regular” clothes for the tubs and tubs of maternity clothes I had stored away.  It’s not fun to buy clothes you will just grow out of anyway, ya know?

But guess what you WON’T ever be to fat or thin for?


That’s right.  And my lovely friend, Stacey from Eleri Evans Designs, hooked me up with some CUTE accessories for back to school!

How cute will my teacher shoes look with these lovely clips??  Plus they can clip in my hair, on my headbands, on my purses…so versatile!

These might be my favorite!  I have so much red…and these little poms look so cute on my black ballet flats that I wear to school!

And my room/building keys will never get lost again on a cute key fob like this!  Or at least they will be easily identified as MY keys when I leave the in the copy room.

Last year I purchased one of these lovely coffee/tea cozy from Stacey (um, they are totally only $4.  You need one), and I am excited to use it for my hot chocolate and decaf coffee this year.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg of what Stacey has to offer.

You really need to check our her shop.  And then shop because she is offering my readers at 15% discount with the code sluiter0811!  That is amazing!  You can get all KINDS of cute stuff!

Oh and guess what!  One of you lucky ducks will win two pairs of shoe clips!

How do you enter?

Just leave us a comment here telling us what you like (or hate) about Back to School Time!

if you want an extra entry, you can also tweet this giveaway….

I just entered to win some super duper cute shoe clips from @sshainline via @ksluiter

Two ways to enter!  Plus a discount!

See…back to school is FUN!

The Legal Stuff:  I was sent shoe clips and key fobs for review from Eleri Evans Designs, however they did not impact my review.  Opinions are all my own.  Eleri Evans Designs is providing the spoils of this giveaway.  Giveaway ends Tuesday, August 30 at 6pm EST with a winner chosen at random.


  1. This will be my daughter’s first “back to school” – it has been so fun getting her new supplies & clothes 🙂

  2. Back to school time is bittersweet – I get to go back to teaching (which I LOVE),but my time with my son is over. Bummer… 🙂 Those clips are super cute.

  3. I love school supplies!!!!!!!! a lot.

  4. i tweeted. 😉

  5. I love school supplies. Every year I run to Target and stock up on those composition books – I love them! And they’re only forty cents!

    I can’t wait for Back to School time next year, when T will be starting KINDERGARTEN. Crazy!

  6. I just tweeted about the giveaway (@roxisbrilliant)

  7. I avoid my local Target like the plague for about 10 days surrounding back-to-school. The frenetic shopping rampages of moms and their kids gives me the wiggins! I shop online or early in the am to avoid crowds whenever possible.

  8. I’m a teacher, too — and I love buying my favorite purple and green pens to mark my students’ papers. (Studies show red is too intimidating.)

    I so wanna be a lucky duck! Those clips look fun!

    Oooh ooooh! Pick me! Pick me! 😉

  9. It’s my first back to school in many years. I love the back to school shopping

  10. I hate back to school traffic! But kinda love that the neighbor kid’s aren’t screaming & playing outside at all hours of the day 😉

  11. MY favorite thing about back to school (as a first grade teacher) is all the sweet little faces that ADORE school and are so happy to be there. Its contagious, and gets me super excited too!

  12. I tweeted it too!

  13. Amelia goes to summer camp (they have a 12-month program at her preschool). Summer always brings me extrs guilt b/c all the other moms are home playing with their kids. Back to school means I’m not “abandoning” my little girl anymore!

    It’s fun to have a new start with new classroom and teachers too.

  14. Heather Von St Jamex says:

    I just did the back to school supply shopping for the kiddo. First grade this year! I’m mostly looking forward to helping out in school, and having adult interaction.. 🙂 Being a stay at home mom affords me the luxury of volunteering at Lily’s school.. I love her kindergarten teacher from last year and offered to help her out the first few days of school. 🙂 Although I love summer, I, too, am ready for the routine of school. 🙂
    Good Luck with the teenagers 🙂 And I love the clips! I love changing up stuff 🙂

  15. I hate the amount of $ it costs me! I’ve written so many checks to school already! Agh! I guess its the price I pay to be able to go to the bathroom without hearing “mom” 🙂

  16. What I love about back to school time is that mines too young to go still 😉
    Very cute!

  17. @MommySaidThis says:

    My favorite thing about Back-To-School is the peace & quiet I get in the evenings. Kids are in bed earlier, hubby is busy with school work, so I get the remote! 😉 I also don’t mind getting super cheap school supplies!

  18. What I love about back to school time is that the punk kids down my street aren’t galavanting in the neighborhood with their stupid skateboards at 9pm waking up my kid because they have to be at school in the morning…muwhahahahahah. Jerks.

  19. I need those shoe clips to brighten up my tired shoes. I wear the same 3 pairs ALL. THE. TIME. at least this way I might be able to trick some people into thinking I bought some new shoes 🙂

  20. So cute! Love those shoe accessories!

    I hate the drop offs. Landon really hates it when I leave him and it is so hard for me to let my crying child go 🙁