Linz Loves You..and you’ll love her back

It’s that time of year.

Everyone is talking about blogging conferences and redesigns and making things in their bloggy world BETTER!


You know I know someone who can help you with that right?

Oh yes…my lovely friend, Lindsay Goldner is a an amaze-balls design genius.

Have you seen this blog of mine?  What about this one?

Yup, Lindsay designed both of those headers/buttons.

And GUESS WHAT?? She has something for ONE of you and something for ALL of you!

linz loves you giveawaythat’s right…ONE of you will win a custom header by entering, but ALL of you can get a 33% discount on your business cards…just in time for the all the blogging conferences this summer!


To enter the giveaway you MUST leave Lindsay and me a comment telling us why you need a new header for your your blog.

For the extra credit seekers…

1. You can tweet this giveaway (of course follow me @ksluiter and Lindsay @Linzlovesyou too!), and come back and leave a separate comment telling us you did so:

win a custom blog header from @linzlovesyou via @ksluiter by entering this #giveaway now!

2. You can follow this blog (GFC, RSS feed, email) AND Linz Loves You and come back and tell us you do.

That is it!  This giveaway will end Monday, June 27 at 4pm est.

The Legal Stuff:  Lindsay Goldner is providing the lovely spoils of this giveaway.  I was not compensated in any way for this other than with the hug I am banking on getting from her when I meet her in real life in August.


  1. I need a new header for my blog b/c I have no idea how to get beyond the standard Blogger templates. My header is boring! Thx!

  2. Following you both and tweeted! @BalancingMama

  3. Would LOVE to win a header for my blog. I’m dying to personalize my blog a little more.

  4. I just tweeted about the giveaway @vic39first 🙂

  5. I need a new look for my blog because it needs to be as awesome as K’s! hahaha

  6. I also just tweeted

  7. AND of course, I follow you both 😀

  8. I definitely need a new header since my current one has a picture of my girls that is already a couple of years old!

  9. I could use this because my last blog ( was taken down by my ex who is now holding it hostage. I lost all of my content to him and had to start over. I am not a graphic designer by any means and I refuse to let him hold me back, so I put a little something together on my own, but I could REALLY use a professional one!!!!

  10. Oh and I tweeted this giveaway even though secretly I don’t want anyone else to enter so I can win. 😉

  11. And now I am following both of you on twitter and your blogs.

  12. I need a new one because I love the image in mine but I’d like it to be more customized for me.

  13. Follow you via reader and now Linz Loves you as well!

  14. I totally need this. . .I have zero creativity!

  15. I would love to win this for the review site I work on. We have amazing readers and are transferring to WORDPRESS SOON! YAY! So I think a new header would be perfect addition! S dot mcavoy6@gmail dot com

  16. I am in desperate need of a custom header!! I recently switched to WordPress after Blogger started it’s downward spiral of 2011 and I have no idea what I’m doing. WP is totally different and until I figure it out, my blog looks lame.

  17. Tweeted it!


  18. Mine is fairly new but I would love another one that is even fresher!!!

  19. Tweeted again!

  20. I need a new header because…well, I’ve never had a custom one! I just plop pictures at the top of my blog and call it good. I need professional help. 🙂

  21. I have an email subscription!

  22. I am tweeting it…right…now… 🙂

  23. I need a new header because my kids keep me from designing my own!

  24. My blog header now is so incredibly boring. I’m afraid people might find my blog but be so bored by the look that they leave before I can amuse them with my lack of witty rambling. I need help!

  25. I tweeted! I’m on my phone and don’t know how to get you the link on here, but my name is @rustysgirl8.

  26. I need a header cause… the one I have now is crap-sauce 🙂
    Seriously, I “designed” it myself. It sucks.
    Already subscribe

  27. I subscribe to both of your blogs. I’ve been a Sluiter nation readr for a few months now and I just added Lindsey to my reading list.

  28. I need a new blog header because I’m stuck in a rut, and I could use a jumpstart!

  29. I have you in my reader feed and I’m adding Lindasy today!

  30. I need a new header for my blog because mine is cute, but other people have it. I want something unique!