A Handmade Summer: Gussy

I know you know who this is.

Ok, in case you live under a rock don’t, it’s Maggie…otherwise known to the interwebs as Gussy.

Gussy epitomizes what I am trying to do here.

She makes pretty things.

She supports Sluiter Nation with her beautiful smile, lovely words, and funny banter.

She is a hometown-ish gal making her living doing something that brings her joy.  And it shows.

Oh does it show.

From the fingertips of Gussy herself…

Hi there — my name is Maggie Whitley and I’m the owner/designer of Gussy Sews. I spend equal time working on my blog and my shop. On my blog you’ll find updates on my handmade shop, tips on how I left my day job 1 year ago to focus on my business, and different prompts/projects that help build a handmade community of inspiration & adventuring. Interested in what fills the “shelves” of my shop? All sorts of sassy, girly, colorful accessories: tote bags (3 different sizes), zipped pouches, eReader cases, headbands — all sporting my signature ruffle.

yes…she is crafty…

and she’s just my type…

I happen to own a little zip pouch which I use for my pens and chap stick and hair ties and tylenol in my purse.

I also have a small one that is vertical similar to the one pictured above.  My smartphone fits quite comfortably in there.

And for Christmas this past year?  Cort bought me a damask laptop bag with a red ruffle to match my red Dell.


I bet at this point you are wishing you had some Gussy.

You could go shopping right now in her shop.

Or perhaps you want to check out her cute little blog.

Or maybe you want to follow her on twitter and get updates on her hubs, dog, and shop.

ORRR maybe you want to go “like” her on facebook and get deals that only her facebook fans get.

But guess what…

Maggie has generously offered to give one my glorious readers a $40 credit to her shop!

To enter, you need to leave me a comment telling Maggie and me what you would spend your $40 on.

want an extra entry or two?

tweet and/or facebook this giveaway (mentioning @ksluiter and @GussySews on twitter and Sluiter Nation and Gussy Sews on fb).

make sure to come back and leave a separate comment for each (each comment is an entry, so you need to leave a separate comment for each entry)

That’s it!

Contest ends Friday, June 17 at 4pm est.

Good luck!

The Legal Stuff:  I was not compensated for this review/giveaway in any way.  All the Gussy products I own were purchased with  my own money (or were given as gifts from family members who purchased them).  Gussy is providing the spoils of this giveaway and I love her so for doing it.



  1. I would get the diaper/wipe wristlet! Love it!

  2. Oh, I heart Gussy Sews! I have a case for my kindle and I love it!

    I want a small zippered pouch and one of her adorable headbands!

  3. mmmmmmmmmm………. gussy. i’d get a laptop bag. yep, still longing for one!!

  4. missy widener says:

    what WOULDn’t I spend it on?!! love the little bags and matching coin purses. I love the fabric. I love the love put into it all. love. it makes the world go round.

  5. and i tweeted.

  6. Having to pick just one thing? SO hard!!

    I am loving the Peonies in Pink Clutch and the Sweet Cupcakes Zippered Pouch!

  7. Shared on fb

  8. I’d def buy something for my wife…b/c well…she deserves it!

  9. Love gussy sews! Id spend my credit on eith an Ipad case or a wristlet!

  10. I would use it for one of the little girl items. I have my first grandaughter coming into the world in August! How fun it would be to start collecting these homemade beauties for her.

  11. I would absolutely love a wristlet- probably the gray and yellow floral pattern. How sweet!

  12. I tweeted! (@chambanachik)

  13. Posted this giveaway on my facebook!

  14. Laptop bag! Or an itty bitty flowers headband. Or a pink peonies zippered pouch. I love it all 🙂

  15. I tweeted 🙂

  16. Yay for a Gussy giveaway! I would get the strawberry dot makeup bag. SO cute! I also really like the B&W Houndstooth zippered pouch. Pink ruffle, of course!

  17. Courtenay says:

    Perhaps a clutch or a gorgeous tote! But who could resist the iPad bag? So adorable!!

  18. Ooh, i would love some headbands and zipper pouches…. maybe laptop bag… I love me some Gussy!

  19. I would love the diaper/wipe wristlet….orange polka dot fabric? Yes Please!

  20. Lindsey says:

    I need a case for my iPad, so fo sho an iPad case.

  21. Lindsey says:

    FB’ed it!

  22. I would use my credit towards a Market Tote because they are gorgeous!!

  23. Tweeted! @kecameron

  24. I saw Shell post on FB about this had to stop by and say hi! LOVE LOVE her site, I so NEED 🙂 TWEET IN B&W IPAD CASE (LIMITED)

  25. Posted on Facebook too 🙂

  26. catherine says:

    love the diaper wristlets! so useful.

  27. I would buy a few of her cute headbands!!!

  28. catherine says:
  29. I would get one of the prettiest laptop bags on this blue green planet!

  30. I would use the credit to get a bunch of headbands!! LOVE THEM! OR, I would use it towards a market tote.. I love all of them! 🙂

  31. I “tweeted” about this giveaway! 🙂

  32. I’d love to have one of the tangerine dot with teal ruffle items. Probably the diaper and wipe clutch. I also love her adorable headbands.

  33. I “Facebooked” about this giveaway! Yowza! 🙂

  34. ellie d says:

    i would buy a few headbands…LOVE!

  35. I love the garden fresh market tote!

  36. mrshiggison says:

    I totally love that candy stripe zippered pouch:)

  37. Brittany B. says:

    I love the turquoise and orange clutch!!! that’s what i would buy.

  38. Brittany B. says:

    tweeted this! @britsy4

  39. Jackie Mask says:

    I have been lusting after the pretty in taupe tote bag and think my summer items would look amazing in it.

  40. Jackie Mask says:

    I tweeted!! @jchanmask

  41. mrshiggison says:

    I tweeted!

  42. Love Gussy and her style. I want a headband and a makeup bag.

  43. I would probably apply the credit towards a vacay tote!!

  44. Tweeted!

  45. definitely would have to get a clutch… now if only i could decide which pattern i like best 😉

  46. I tweeted!!

  47. I have been dying to own one of her totes for ages!

  48. Gah! How exciting! I just got the laptop bag for BlogHer but I’d love to win enough to get a small bag or two for makeup, electronics cords, etc while traveling!

  49. Tweet tweet! @suzstreats

  50. I would buy a diaper/wipe wristlet! I currently have a big ol’ clunky diaper bag and the wrislet would come in so handy for quick store runs and such! 🙂 I love the headbands too! 🙂

  51. Love any of those cute orange and turquoise dots! And would love an ipad case! 🙂

  52. I’m in love with the Sultry Damask tote bag & can think of like 1,000 ways I’d sport that bag. 🙂

  53. Melissa Hustead says:

    I would definitely get the SULTRY DAMASK MARKET TOTE to take with me to Thailand & Cambodia, where I am going on a mission trip. This bag would be a fantastic thing to show the women who have been rescued from human trafficking & forced prostitution, because it’s something they could make themselves with some teaching, & would give them an income & freedom. I do hope I win this 🙂

  54. Melissa Hustead says:

    I facebook’d as well 🙂 Soo excited to see who wins 🙂

  55. I love the zippered pouches to carry my keys, phone and lip gloss. My three essentials.

  56. I would use the 40 towards a market tote!

  57. My new favorite is the Tangerine Dot Diaper/Wipe Wristlet!

  58. Tweeted! {http://twitter.com/#!/heatherirene79/status/80740509928259584}

  59. I’ve wanted a market tote forever! I’d totally use the credit towards one 🙂

  60. Ooooh, the diaper/wipe wristlets are awesome. What a great idea!

  61. How adorable! I would definitely get a doll blanket, because my daughter plays naptime with her stuffed animals daily. And a cute zipper pouch for me!

  62. I need the SULTRY DAMASK TOTE BAG // DIAPER BAG in my bag collection NOWAHHHH!


    You know my birthday is the 29th.

    This would rock my birthday face off.

    And I know how you are about birthdays.

    I’m that way too.

  63. I tweeted. @Alena29

    And remember what I said about my birthday lol.

  64. If I won this, I would give it to my mother. She would love anything and esp browsing for It herself.

  65. I’m torn between an iPhone cover and a computer cover. Okay one that fits my BFF iPhone. Yay!


  67. christy says:

    I would put the $40 toward one of the large tote bags. I can decide which one I like best. my friend has the vacay.

  68. I think I would get the Orange Lotus Kindle cover … and maybe a headband 🙂

  69. MaryBeth says:

    Well…one of everything would be nice but I’ll settle for the garden fresh market tote (for now). I gotta get me some ruffles!

  70. I would def spend my 40 $ on a Gussy vintage romance headband and I LOVE the tangerine dot pattern. I love accents of orange.

  71. Wahoo! I would use my credit on something in tangerine dot. Such a fun summer pattern!

  72. Oh, and I tweeted it. (@justTuesday) 🙂

  73. I really love the turquoise grid market tote! The colors are so pretty together! 🙂 It’s a tough choice to make though, there’s so many pretty things to choose from.

  74. Just tweeted the giveaway! http://www.twitter.com/PhilpotPhotos

  75. I’ve been wanting a tangerine dot something – anything really. And a headband too!

  76. I’m not sure how I would choose what to buy! I’m loving the tangerine dot bags and the sultry damask tote bag! Her headbands are also super cute!

  77. I tweeted about the giveaway! – @MissaisShort “@ksluiter is having an @GussySews giveaway! Join in by Friday afternoon!”

  78. I would get a headband or a cute wristlet. =)

  79. I would get the Pretty in Taupe Tote bag!!! Such beautiful items!!

  80. I would get a clutch and a zipper pouch or two!

  81. Kate Stormes says:

    I am a huge fan of the Diaper wristlets.


  82. I’m thinking a laptop tote would be a good buy since the one I currently have is man-ish and not cute :/

  83. Facebooked it! But it didn’t link Gussy 🙁

  84. Andplusalso? Tweeted.

  85. Yes, I’ll have the Sweet Alabama diaper/wipe clutch please.

    Oh, this isn’t an order form? Shoot. Well, just pick my name, anyway 😉

  86. Rebecca D. says:

    I would get the lotus orange diaper/wipe wristlet.

  87. I have been DYING for a Gussy! I would most definitely put it towards one of those wonderful pretty in taupe tote bags! So in love.

  88. Oh! I really want a little zip pouch. Like really, really.

  89. And I so tweeted.

  90. Kendra V. says:

    I would get the Peonies in Pink makeup bag and a Gussy Girls purse for my daughter!

  91. Kendra V. says:
  92. The LOLA vacay tote – swoon!

  93. I would buy some of the cute headbands and possibly a couple of the wristlet clutches for friends and myself. Too many wonderful choices!

  94. I think I would get a little clutch to throw into my big purse, and probably a cute headband as well. I need to step it up in the cute accessory department big time.

  95. I would spend it on the strawberry dot clutch and the & the candy stripe headband.

  96. I tweeted! =)

  97. I would get a tote or maybe 2!! I NEED one:)

  98. I tweeted! Thepickledpoppy:)

  99. Maybe a tote or a clutch. I’m obsessed with clutches right now =)

  100. I want the Eclectic Whatnot combo…. I really want the camera strap!

  101. I shared the giveaway on FB.

  102. I would definitely put the credit towards one of her totes! I PPH GussySews!