A Handmade Summer

I have some fairly exciting news.

Since I have this space, and in less than a week I will have my summer off, I wanted to do something big and special and awesome.

I told you before that this space is for YOU, so I have dedicated this summer to being A Handmade Summer.

I looked around Sluiter Nation and realized that so much of what I have is handmade by some glorious people.

So this entire summer I will be showing you lovely things…and hopefully giving you some of them…from Handmade shops I love.

I counted today and just off the top of my head I have TWENTY-FOUR to share with you already!

Some are etsy shops or Big Cartel shops.

Some are photographers.

Some are graphic designers.

Some make jewelry.

Some make lotions and soaps and other yummy body things.

But I love them all and have cultivated awesome friendships with most of them.

And I just can’t wait to share!


If you own a handmade shop, please let me know!  I’d love to feature you, do a review, or a giveaway!

I also have ad space available on the right side of the blog for VERY reasonable prices.

Ad space package includes 3 or 6 month ad space on the right side of blog, a monthly highlight, and me promoting you on facebook and twitter as much as I can (mostly retweets of your sales and things as I see them).

Let me know if you want to join Sluiter Nation!