Gimme Five!

Dear Alice,

Nineteen days ago you turned FIVE! That is a big deal! You are a whole hand of fingers now!

Let me tell you a little bit about who you are at age five:

You are SMART! You started pre-school this fall with Mrs. Y and Mrs. B in the fish room. You also go to the Jungle room for wrap-around care, so you are at school full-time, three days a week! It can really wear you out, but you do love it a lot. You love all your teachers and friends and you are learning so much so fast!

Since school started you now know all your letters, can write almost all of them, can sound out simple words, and can count to 30 by ones and 100 by tens!

First day of Preschool!

You have BIG opinions. And you get quite angry when we don’t know what you want before you even tell us. Some things you LOVE: mermaids, princesses, candy, unicorns, and books.

I mean…you really like princesses.

You also love gymnastics! You started right around when you turned four, and this winter you had another chance to do it. You are HOOKED! Once this crazy Corona Virus thing passes, daddy and I are excited to watch you again this summer. We are considering signing you up at an actual gymnastics gym rather than just through the rec program.

You also love to play with your brothers. I’m not going to lie to you, friend. They do not always want you to tag along or join in. But when they do, you are in heaven. Charlie is especially good at being your playmate. You two often play restaurant or house or just ride bikes around the neighborhood.

This year we also redid your room from a baby nursery–which it has been for almost 10 years–to a “big girl room” complete with getting rid of the crib and replacing it with a bed.

As you get older, you get to participate more in all the things we do. This past summer we went to Pentwater with Grandpa and Grandma again. You took walks, played on the beach, and played games with all of us. It’s so fun to watch you become independent and spunky!

Speaking of independent, whew. You are one bossy lady! You are fierce and stand up for yourself and your ability to do what you want. That does not always go so well for you because, well, you are just five. But you see your brothers doing things and you want to be included too. And if you are left out? Oh boy do you let us hear about it.

You are my little shadow. I want to always remember how much you love being by my side. How much you love to help me bake and clean and do all kinds of things. How you want me to play babies and barbies and read books. How you want to sit next to me at the table when I do my work so you can color or do your “work”.

I know someday you will not want to be around me, maybe at all. So even though I can get a little impatient with you, know that I really do love how much you want to be with me.

People say you look and act a lot like me.



While you love to play with me, Daddy is your hero. He is silly with you and tickles you and lets you do his hair and make-up.

Did I mention you love candy? Oh my goodness. Unfortunately, you have inherited your dad’s “soft” teeth. You’ve had a few cavities already and when you were two, you had your front teeth capped. You have always hated the dentist, but now that you go to Dr. Tom, you are coming around to being more brave.

Before turning five, you lost a tooth and you’ve lost another one since turning five! You are a full year younger than both of your brothers were when they lost their first teeth. And, because you like to be different, you lost the two top left teeth first instead of bottom teeth.

It’s adorable and fits your adorable personality perfectly. I love your confidence and attitude–even when sometimes we clash.

You are my best girl. You are so smart. So thoughtful. So loving.

Celebrating you this month has been pure joy.

As I write this, I wonder how much you will remember some day about this time of becoming five.

Will you remember how much you missed your friends, Ms. Carolyn, and teachers?

Will you remember how you kept saying to me, “I wish we could go to…, but we can’t because of coronavirus”?

Or will you remember goofing around with your brothers?

Daily bike rides with Daddy and your brothers?

Baking cookies with me?

Watching movies and eating popcorn in the middle of the day?

I can’t tell you what the future of this next trip around the sun will look like. We can have our plans and dreams, but if this month has taught us anything, it’s that we have to go with the flow.

And we will go with the flow together, my Alice Beans.

Happy FIVE!

I love you to the moon and back,


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