With the middle of June comes the completion of a bunch of stuff around here: school for the kids, school for me as a teacher, school for me as a PhD student, a 3-year consistory term for Cortney, baseball for Charlie, and scouts for Eddie. It also means we are all moving on, advancing forward to new things.

By the end of June, Cortney will be done with her term as a deacon for our church. He surprised both of us by really enjoying his work with church leadership, and he hopes that while he will be moving out of the consistory, he will still find a way to stay connected to the business of serving our church family in another way.

Eddie finished 4th grade and is advancing to 5th in the fall–the last year of elementary and I am not doing well with this fact. Charlie finished 1st grade and is advancing to 2nd (and we all breathed a huge sigh of relief that he MADE IT). And Alice will be advancing from full-time daycare kid to 3 days a week of preschool this fall! All my babies will be school kids!

I finished my 16th year teaching in my district. It was a strange year, for sure. I’m advancing to something new for my 17th year; for the 4th time I am moving classrooms! This is the second time it has been by choice–I am moving just across the hall to a larger space and gaining two more bookcases for my ever-growing classroom library.

That small blue shirt is Charlie moving all of my books by himself from my old classroom.

The kids helped earlier in the week with the moving. They impressed me by getting all of my stuff moved in one morning!

Eddie and Charlie brought stuff over, and she tried to put books on the shelves, as you can see by the piles, she wasn’t as fast as the boys–plus she is a fan of taking breaks.

I probably purged about 50% of my stuff, and yet I have SO MUCH STUFF.

Eddie hard at work…without complaining!

I’m glad I saved some student work, because I have way more wall space to fill in this room. Someone sent me a sweet Hogwarts banner that will hang in the library too!

Oh dear. Look at the state of that library.

I’m re-organizing my library as well and using colored stickers for each genre to match the ones our school library uses to help kids find the type of books they are looking for. You can contribute to my classroom library here. You can help out with school supplies here.

Scout Advancement

Eddie had his final scout advancement this week. He has been in cub scouts since 1st grade when he was but a wee Tiger scout. This week he moved up from a first year Webelos to a second year which means he is on his way to Arrow of Light.

I asked him to smile nicely with his den leader. This is what I got. I don’t even know.

And Alice met the princesses at the zoo last weekend. It’s not an advancement…or maybe it is? But it was fun!

“Mommy! LOOK IT’S TIANNA!!!”

On to new adventures!

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