Halloween 2017

It’s November!

I’m going to try to post every day!

Key word = try!

Let’s start with an easy one: Halloween.

The kids were so much fun this year for Halloween. I think it was the first year where all three really understood and were able to participate in their own, age-appropriate way.

Eddie and Charlie were very much a part of choosing their costumes this year.

Eddie, of course, chose Harry Potter. We have been reading the books together (we read through the first one and watched the movie, and now we are on the second one). He is so in love with the characters and their stories. And I have never read the books before, so I am experiencing it for the first time as well. Having his joy and reactions as we read make me love the story even more. It wasn’t even a question who he would dress up as for Halloween.

I have no idea why he is grumpy in the photo, by the way. This didn’t last. Two seconds later he was fine…and on a sugar high.

Charlie wanted to be his stuffed kitty for Halloween.  You guys, I am so not crafty. Not at all. I like to buy Halloween costumes. But he wanted to be not just any cat, but HIS cat. His brown cat with white paws. So like a good mom, I searched Amazon and used our Prime membership to buy brown sweat pants and a hoodie (at least they are actual clothes he can wear again, right?). Then I went to Michael’s Crafts and walked around like a lost idiot for 20 minutes trying to figure out ears and a tail. I could have bought black cat ears, but I knew that wouldn’t be good enough. I found brown and pink felt that I could turn into ears using some fabric glue.  For the tail, I found a 6-foot long, thick pipe cleaner! I tied it around his waist and pulled his shirt down over it and called it good!

I even hand-sewed the ears to the hood of his sweatshirt. Then Cortney donated two pairs of socks so he could cover his shoes and feet so they looked like paws. I finished the look with eyeliner whiskers and lipstick pink nose! He was so happy! It made my whole day!

And Miss Alice was a cute little bumblebee thanks to a hand-me-down costume from her cousin, Maria. It had a tutu, so she loved it.

Our tradition is to go to Granny’s house first since her birthday is the day before Halloween and Cort’s brother’s birthday is ON Halloween. It’s fun that we all go at the same time. Granny even puts out sandwiches and chips so we get some good food before heading out for all the candy! It’s probably what I like best about Halloween other than seeing my kids love their costumes.

In years past, we have taken the kids to see my parents the day before Halloween, but this year I forgot. So we headed over there. It was totally fine, but we didn’t get back to our own subdivision to trick-or-treat until 7pm and by then a lot of the houses had their lights off.

Cortney dropped the boys and me off in the subdivision and took Alice home and we trick-or-treated our way home. The boys got at least 6 or 7 houses and they were totally happy with that. It was actually sort of fun watching them run from house to house together. The proud momma moment was hearing them say “thank you! Have a great night!” to each candy giver.

Because we got back so late, live on a dead end, and had no neighbors with lights on, we only got one trick-or-treater, so now we have a bowl of like 200 pieces of candy leftover. Oops.

The kids didn’t get a ridiculous amount of candy, but they didn’t even really notice. They were so excited about what they did get, that it made me smile. Besides, we really don’t need that much candy in the house (especially with the leftover bowl of it!).

Before they drifted off to sleep, both boys said to me, “thank you for taking us trick-or-treating, mom. It was so fun.”

I don’t usually really love Halloween, but this year I maybe liked it a little.

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  1. I love how age actually makes some thing better. When we dress them up as a burrito it’s cute but they have no say or understanding. Once they can actually say I want to be a purple dinosaur with six horns holding a yellow flower and his name is Dan? That’s when the fun starts. There is only one other house on our street with kids and they’re much younger than Z. We told them to go to the rec (that’s what we do). He was Jarvis this year.