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Saturday Charlie came into our room while I was in there, and wandered over to my bedside table and this conversation happened:

Charlie: Mom Mom? What is in that circle box?

Me: Two little hearts.

Charlie: Why, Mom Mom?

Me: Because they are for two babies.

Charlie: What two babies?

Me: Two babies that were in my tummy, but died.

Charlie: What were theirs names?

Me: They didn’t have names. They died before we knew if they were boys or girls. They were very tiny in my tummy when they died.

Charlie: Well….they are somewhere.

Me: Yup. They are. Maybe in heaven with Papa?

Charlie: Yeah. Mom, Mom? Why do you have three pictures of Alice?

Me: Those are not all Alice. That one is. But that one right there is Eddie, and that one there is you.

Charlie: We are alls sleepin’.

Me: Yup. All five babies. Sleeping.

Charlie: I like babies, Mom Mom.

Me: Yup. Me too.


Sometimes the most important conversations happen when you least expect them to. Cortney and I have always made it a policy to always answer our children’s questions in the most age-appropriate, honest way possible. When we brought up this conversation with Eddie, he first reacted in a way that was almost a little funny to me.


He is a little dramatic.

But when I explained to him that he was the first to be born, and that he is a miracle, and that once he was born, we knew what we had to do to have healthy babies–his brother and sister–he was happy again.

Being oldest is important to him.

As it should be.

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  1. Speechless. Moved.
    There is so much love in this post.

  2. This is beautiful…and I love that you are honest and let your kids know how much they and their siblings are loved. They will grow up feeling safe and secure and confident.
    Jennifer Wolfe recently posted…Inquiring Minds-What I Wish I KnewMy Profile

  3. So much love for this post.
    nicole recently posted…You deserve all good thingsMy Profile

  4. Kids always manage to surprise us with their insights. There is a lot going on in those little heads. <3
    Susi recently posted…Project 365: Day 313 to Day 319 {weekly recap}My Profile

  5. This was beautiful.
    Amanda recently posted…Who Gets to Grieve?My Profile

  6. Our children’s questions are important and valid. What great answers – they’ll lead to a life of honesty and openness. Beautiful.
    Clay recently posted…Egalité, Liberté, Fraternité: A History LessonMy Profile

  7. I love this. So sweet.

    My husband and I live by the same rules of honestly answering questions in age-appropriate ways. It can be hard, but is very rewarding when you realize that is what your kids needed any way.
    Mom on a Line recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Morning RoutineMy Profile

  8. love to you and your sweet babies. All five of them.

  9. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing x