BabyFat by Pauline Campos {a review}

BabyFatCover1+copy-2I’ve written before about the fact that I struggle with my self-image– most specifically my weight. In college I was 5’7″, 125 pounds, and a size 6. I was exactly average. I often wished for a couple curves, but overall I was pretty happy.

Now I am a good 75 pounds over that, although I am not taller, and definitely not a size 6. Before having kids, it wasn’t hard for me to lose weight if I worked hard at it an cleaned up the food I was eating. Now, five pregnancies later, my body can’t seem to let go. Or maybe I am eating trash and never moving my body. It’s something.

One of the very first chapters of Pauline Campos’s book Baby Fat: Adventures in Motherhood, Muffin Tops, and Trying to Stay Sane addresses this phrase: “you look good considering…”

hate this phrase. Because I know what “considering” means. I know why I look like I do. Why can’t people just stop with “you look good!”

Obviously, from the start of the memoir I was nodding right along.  In Baby Fat, Campos chronicles her weight loss (and gain) journey post-baby. And she does NOT hold back. She bares it all: every success and failure, every positive and negative thought. She is funny, but real.

While I can’t relate to the food sensitivities or allergies her family has, I totally know what it’s like to have the best intentions only to stumble into a pile of Twix. As Campos told herself, “Tomorrow will be different…” How many times have I repeated this mantra to myself (including last night when I riffled through the boys’ Halloween candy in search of chocolate paired with caramel)?

The book reads like Campos is giving you a peek into her diary, complete with date headings. And as you read, you feel like it too. Campos is not afraid to drop a swear word and let us know how she really feels about all the point-counting, calorie-watching she tries to do. One of my favorite lines straight from one of her chapter titles: “Diet is a bad, bad word”.

From my experience, the thing that really worked for me was cleaning up my eating habits, not going on a diet. Toward the end of her book, it seems that Campos is finding out the exact same thing. Of course knowing and doing are two entirely different things; something Campos and I also have in common.  It became obvious the more I read, the more we had in common in this battle of the bulge.

Even more clear is the message of accepting yourself for who you are NOW. Pauline struggles throughout her memoir to lose weight, but she makes it very clear that she loves her curves and she loves herself. This is something I need to work on more.

I have been trying to look at myself every day and list things that I love about me, and I really try to find one physical thing each day. Today it was my eyes, in case you wanted to know. I have pretty great blue eyes.

Anyway, you should check out Baby Fat. Not just because I liked it, but because it’s a quick, funny read that I think lots of women will relate to. Also because one of my tweets made chapter 26. But mostly because you will like the book.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid to review this book, but Pauline is a friend of mine and sent me a free e-copy. My post is full of my honest opinions. The link is an affiliate, so if you buy her book I get like 10 cents or something. I’ll probably use it to buy more books for my classroom library.

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  1. This book sounds great! Love to read what you’re putting in your classroom too.

  2. I love exclamation points, too! And I would love to read this.

  3. I don’t think there is a woman alive (maybe men too but women I believe have it harder!) who doesn’t struggle with some aspect of her self worth. Your eyes a pretty great. You words are always wonderful.
    And you look good!
    You ARE good!
    (No qualifiers or considerings allowed.)

  4. Sounds like a great book – I would love to win a copy!

  5. Tina McLarty says

    I would love to read this book!

  6. you DO have pretty eyes.
    I have killer lips. Just saying.
    Also? Thank you for this review. You made my entire day, Katie. I have always respected your opinion as a writer and as a reader and this means the world.
    For anyone liking and entering, please follow my Facebook page at and my blog at! Oh-twitter: @pauline_campos because I just retweeted a link to your post AND a GoodReads giveaway for a signed copy going on through Nov 10!
    I’m shutting up now.

  7. I would love to read this book! My husband and I have been working really hard to lose weight/get in shape, and it is amazing how many hurdles get in the way! Darn toddler going trick-or-treating, getting a ton of bonus candy due to being adorable, but not being able to eat ANY of it!

  8. Sounds like a very interesting read!

  9. Dieting is the devil’s work. But then again, so is my stuffing my face full of sugar and garbage all day long. The happy medium is right where I feel good about what I’m cramming into my face hole. Or maybe it’s not cramming anything, but enjoying the food I eat. Some days I do better at this than others. You are so right – we need to be kind to ourselves.

    I’ll give you another thing to like about yourself – your down-to-earth and totally winning personality.