Simple Make-Ahead Lasagna Recipe

I was home from school for two days this week for mid-winter break. It was a lovely thing for many reasons, but the reason my family loved was that we would get a hearty meal that I didn’t have to whip together in less than 30-minutes.

Most things that take longer, I can make ahead on Sunday if it’s something we really want for dinner that week, but there is something so yummy about putting something together and baking it right there on the spot.

One of Cortney’s favorite meals is lasagna. I’ve seen a lot of lasagna recipes out there, but the one my mom always made for our family is a favorite and I have never felt the need to try anything new.


[gmc_recipe 8599]

We like our lasagna with garlic bread and salad. Plus it makes for some yummy lunch leftovers!

What is one of your family’s favorite meals? Do you get to eat it often or is it just for special occasions? Or do you have a favorite lasagna recipe?

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  1. Yum, that looks really good! I’ve been meaning to try making lasagna for a while now. Pinning!

  2. Yum! And because WP won’t let me leave a one word comment I will say it again. Yum!

  3. That looks delicious. I have a lasagna recipe I make in the slow cooker – it’s very similar and always a hit!

  4. I miss lasagna now that I’m vegetarian again! I have pinned some good looking options for me, however there’s really nothing like a really good meat and cheese lasagna! We have it with garlic bread and salad as well.

    When I make it I use cottage cheese, but I think it’s better with the ricotta. I just go for the healthier options as much as I can.

    YUM! I’m pinning this, thanks for sharing!!

  5. Mine is very similar. Although I tend to just use jarred pasta sauce in a pinch for ease.

  6. Yum is right! I love lasagna and I will try all kinds! Thanks for the family recipe. They are always the best!

  7. Delicious! You know I’m a lasagna lover. 🙂

  8. Lasagne was one of my favorite things growing up (my mom made it with cottage cheese) and I’ve recently started making it with gf lasagne noodles…once I found out that they actually do exist!

  9. I love lasagna! We don’t have it often – I haven’t made it in months – but it is definitely a favourite around here! It may be time to make it again. It is such a cozy meal, isn’t it?

  10. seriously, my tummy just growled. and I just ate supper.
    so yummy looking.

  11. Oh man, I LOVE lasagna. My mom’s is ALWAYS a favorite and SO good. Now I want some. At 9:15 at night… 😉 Thanks for the recipe!!