Kir Asks Away!

This month I’m participating in a weekly link up that is hosted by Penny of The Real Housewife Of Caroline Country. Typically for Ask Away Friday, bloggers pair up, swap 10 questions,answer them on their blogs, and link up their posts with Penny and Amber. It’s such a great way to get to know someone better.


This week’s questions come from the ever-lovely Kir from The Kir Corner.

1. Tell me about a book that changed your life? (Or your perspective)

I have come back to this question over and over and started typing up a response, and I have deleted every time. I honestly don’t know what book to choose.  I can say that Anne Lamont’s non-fiction has changed my perspective on both writing and Christianity.  Reading her words makes me want to write down all the things, but it also reminds me that I am a good person, and that progressive Christians like myself are out there.

2. Yesterday was my birthday, talk  to me about your birthdays. Big Celebrations? Small, intimate days?  

 I adore my birthday. I have only ever had one biggish celebration and that was for my 32nd birthday. I was pregnant for my 29th, 30th, and 31st birthdays and so for my 32nd, Cortney and my best friends planned a weekend trip to Chicago for us all and it was fabulous!  Other than that we usually keep it small. I love when people celebrate me, but I don’t need parties…just kind words.  Oh, and I do love gifts. I know, lame!

3. I always ask this question…If you were an animal, what would you be and why? (I think of myself as an otter)

I would be a feline of some sort. I think of cats as being academic for some reason, and that is what I strive to be. I think of cats as being bookish creatures–they hang out in bookstores. They are soft and cuddly too…comforting. But sneaky too. Stealthy.

4. We’re both mothers of boys, what one piece of advice do you have for me (us) as we strive to raise kind, aware and strong young men?

I think the best thing we can do for boys is to give them responsibility and model for them what a strong, independent woman is. They need to be able to do household things like laundry and ironing and vacuuming and not expect a woman (or someone else in general) to do it for them.

I also think there is a particular responsibility in raising white men (and even more specifically straight white men…if that is what they are). It’s important to raise our white boys to be socially and culturally aware so the can stand with others and fight intolerance, inequality, and injustice.

5. You love music, tell me what your “go- to- album/song”  is for sad days and happy days.

Lately my go-to album has been The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. It has silly, peppy beats and some real legit thought-provoking lyrics. It’s just a good one to get me pumped up and at the same time remember the good I have in my life.

6. What inspires you?

I get inspired by the ordinary being extraordinary. The fact that I have  a husband who is my very best friend in this world  an two sons inspires me to be a better person. Reading amazing writing from “ordinary” people…like my friends and my students…makes me want to be a better writer. Kids who show up every day make me want to be a better teacher. Smiles from strangers make me want to be a kinder person.

7. Your favorite guilty pleasure?

Buying books. I love it. I could order books online all day, but if I really had the time and money, I like to just walk around bookstores for HOURS with a cup of coffee. I could buy PILES. I love to read, but almost as much I like to be surrounded by the printed word. I know, nerd alert! 

8. You’re an incredible teacher at the high school and college level, what do you love most about education?

Ah, you flatter me. But I do love my job to the moon and back. I think my favorite part about education is my every day interactions with teenagers. I often find myself laughing to the point of tears during a regular work day, and I am rarely stuck behind a desk. It amazes me that I get paid to do this, but I am thankful that I am. 

9. As an avid and talented photographer, share 3 of your favorite photographs from the past few months. Tell us what you love about them?

 I don’t know about avid OR talented, but I do like to play with my DSLR and I am trying to get better.  Here are three of my faves that I took recently.
This is one of Charlie. VERY typical Charlie. It makes me laugh.

This one is of Cortney. I just love how he will throw on snow gear and play with Eddie.

And this one is of a flower Eddie brought home from Sunday School. He picked pink especially for me. Because that boy has a huge heart.

10. (One word answers )Favorite shoes? Cupcake? Movie? Holiday? Season? 

 Tall boots with boot cuffs, chocolate with cream cheese frosting, Back to the Future (all of them), Christmas, fall

Those were great questions, right?  If you want to find out what I asked Kir (and read her answers), head over to her Corner. Oh…and yesterday was totally her birthday!  She threw a quotable celebration that I am honored to be part of…check that out too!

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  1. I love these for one reason, I get to see so much of myself in someone else. Where I think “she’s not like me…” I get the feeling that we are very much alike. I love books, Anne Lamont, have the same thoughts about raising our sons and Because I’ve actually hugged you and smiled into your eyes I know that we are women who “get each other”.

    Your answers were just as I thought they’d be..honest, real, funny, introspective and wonderful. All the things I adore about you.

    thank you for being a part of my life on and off screen. 🙂 xo

    • well crap! I forgot to add the photos! I just put them in 🙂

      And yes…I love this link up too! Such a great way to get to know people I love!

  2. Walking around a bookstore with a cup of coffee is my favourite. I love all bookstores – old and new. There is so much to see and think and explore. Also? I love that my boys like them, too. 🙂
    So great to see you and Kir together here!

  3. awwww. what sweet photos. also, i kinda like that you make a big deal of your birthday. i think that’s cool.

  4. You guys are asking such great questions. I love all the answers and getting to know more about everyone.

  5. I love love love bookstores. When we were first married and went on “dates” we would always end up at the bookstore. I miss those days. I also love what you said about raising white boys and your husband has inspired me to play in the snow.

  6. Great answers! I was also preggers for almost 4 years straight so I can relate to wanting to have a Birthday with your normal self… LOL

  7. I could wander a bookstore for hours too. I had to be pulled out of Chapters/Starbucks today. seriously brilliant whoever thought of that. and then they added those little chocolates by the cash. it’s like they don’t want me to leave! 🙂
    I love that one of Charlie – that cracks me up. even thought it makes me crazy when my own kids do it.

  8. I am a complete book nerd, too! Our local library has a huge, used, book sale a couple of times a year and I could seriously go broke! I am actually running out of room for them all, my hubby is as bad as I am! LOL! Have a great weekend!

  9. I said cat too when Kir asked me the same question. Also, #7. You and me both. See you at the bookstore?

  10. Great answers. I agree if I had to choose an animal I would be a cat because I would want to sit in someone’s lap as much as possible. 🙂

  11. I love your answers. In the past I never thought about working with teens as being a laugh a minute, but, yeah. I can see it now. Challenging, but really, really funny.