Oh Happy Day!

2013-12-25 08.34.50Yesterday was Christmas.

It was a blur of awesome and magic and reality,

because we are real people our kids have tantrums…even on Christmas.

And this was the only picture I got of the boys together:

2013-12-25 07.29.14

and Eddie is a blur.

But they are opening an art station together in their Christmas jammies so that’s something, right?

There are more pictures, but our celebrating isn’t done yet.

So I will wait.

And recuperate and pick up endless scraps of wrapping paper and toy packaging,

and smile at my new hot pink slippers from Charlie,

and admire my shiny new fake diamond earrings from Eddie,

and hem and haw over what to get with my gift cards from Cortney,

and hope they are each as thankful for their gifts as I am for mine….

and by gifts, I mean Eddie, Charlie, and Cortney.


One more day to enter my giveaway for the Kidz Bop Christmas CD.

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  1. My kid puked on her Christmas dress 5 minutes after we got to my aunt’s house before I took any pictures. She told me she would put on her pretty dress ‘morrow mama’ so I could take a picture. <3 Merry Christmas!

  2. Happy day indeed!
    Enjoy the rest of your time off. xo

  3. I didn’t take too many pictures Christmas day – on purpose. I always take so many but this time decided to just be present and enjoy… It was a wonderful, quiet day!

  4. I hate that the opening frenzy happens in the morning when the pictures are always blurry from lack of light. 🙂 And it goes so fast, it’s hard to catch!

    But the Christmas jammies are cute and your home looks cozy. 🙂

  5. But that picture gives such an idea of the warmth, happiness, love and brotherliness each of us strives for at Christmas. It’s perfect.

  6. I got a new camera for Christmas – a Canon Rebel T3. It is awesome.
    and…… I left it in its box under the tree when I went to my family’s Christmas dinner.
    because of course.
    If I didn’t at least remember my phone, along with all my children, I would not have any pics at all.