Rash Kickers

When Eddie was a baby we rarely had to deal with diaper rash.

 In fact, he only got it when he was teething which was how we knew he was teething. And the rash was hardly bad enough to need any thing on it, but we did put cream on it…whatever little sample thing we had from all the gift baskets. We never needed anything more than that. Fast-forward to Charlie’s infant-hood. I have never seen butt rash that bad in my entire life.

 My little guy, who cries over almost no pain, would immediately start crying when he needed his diaper changed because he knew how badly it was going to hurt. Again, the culprit was teething. However, where Eddie’s teeth came in a spaced out time frame, Charlie’s came in large numbers all at once (he is currently 16 months old and has had ALL of his teeth minus the 2-year molars since he was 13 months old). More teeth at one time equaled 100 times worse diaper rash.

"airing out"

“airing out”

At one point I called the nurse because his rash was actually bleeding and he was in so much pain.

 She advised me to use a warm washcloth (not wipes) to clean him up after a messy diaper and then to let it “air dry” since moisture in the diaper makes the rash worse. So I bravely went where I never went with Eddie: A Loose Nude Baby in my House. I’d be lying if I said there were no accidents, but he crawled around letting his biscuits air dry. The nurse told me once dry, to apply Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. If that didn’t help, they would call in a prescription.

 Most of the time the Butt Paste worked.

 There was only one time that his rash was SO bad we needed a prescription. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste was recommended to me when I was pregnant with Eddie, but truthfully we hardly needed anything with him. With Charlie, I put some on my registry and got it. And we used it all up.

 It’s pricey, but if it’s what will cure my baby’s owie tushy, I’ll gladly pay it. I was lucky enough to have the chance to meet George Boudreaux at BlogHer last week. I was weirdly excited to meet the man behind the product that helped my little guy out, and of course my first question was “why in the world with the butt paste?” Wouldn’t you know it, it was the 70’s and George Boudreaux was a father and a pharmacist. Back then you needed to have a prescription to get something that really worked and since the stuff on the shelves back then was garbage, George worked hard to make something he could use with his own kids. Eventually he found something that worked really well and he would share with his customers. One day someone came in and said, “Gimme some of that butt paste,” and that’s been the name ever since. Meeting George was inspiring to me for a couple reasons. One because even though it’s funny to talk about butts, I really was crying over how horribly painful Charlie’s was, and to find something that cleared it up so well was a great feeling. Meeting the man who created that product? Well, it just felt nice to be able to thank him.

Meeting George Boudreax and kicking rash together!

Meeting George Boudreax and kicking rash together!

Secondly George is a straight up great guy and family man. I could tell he was in this business to help people.

 He also told me that when they were trying to get the product off the ground, his son (also a pharmacist) told him he thought he could and should do it.

 The next day, his son passed away.

 Sticking with the product was sort of a tribute to his son as well.

 That is amazing to me. When I was getting ready to leave, he shook my hand and took a picture with me, but truthfully I sort of wanted to hug him and show him pictures of Charlie.

 It was that great to meet him. We are definitely a Butt Paste family, so we are super jazzed to use the new products (including the maximum strength Butt Paste that is 40% zinc oxide. Those two-year molars don’t stand a chance of giving Charlie a painful booty because we are going to KICK SOME RASH!


Watch this video and see how Butt Paste KICKS Rashdedon!


Is your family a Butt Paste family too? Tell us your story! You’ll be entered to with a $100 Visa gift card (see rules below).


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  1. I love this! I love stories like this – the man behind to company. The whole thing is touching, and sad about his son too.

    And … “let his biscuits dry” *snort

  2. James had diaper rash way worse than Cady too, but nowhere near as bad as it sound like Charlie had it. Poor baby.

  3. My 10 year old son laughs whenever he sees “butt paste”. He’s going through a potty humor phase, which may never end because my husband cracks up over it, too.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  4. tweeted the video–https://twitter.com/mami2jcn/status/369605333812932609

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  5. I used the butt paste when my son was in diapers. Now he laughs about it

  6. Becky Horn says

    Butt Paste is great!!! Works wonders

  7. Becky Horn says
  8. I love stories about products that emerged because a parent wanted something to help their child – and end up helping so many other kids.

    Also, gotta love the name!

  9. Lisa Brown says

    My Butt Paste Miracle: saved my little one from diaper rash, more than once, which keeps him comfortable, and that’s a great felling.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  10. Lisa Brown says

    my tweet – https://twitter.com/LuLu_Brown24/status/369787510693457921
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  11. We are a Boudreaux’s family as well! My youngest son adores acidic fruit and as such he was developing dreadful rashes until we discovered this wonder product.

  12. Your kid is like mine with the teeth. He’s had all of them, minus the molars since about 1 year. Ever never used the butt paste, but glad to hear it has worked well! 🙂

  13. We love Butt Paste in our house. I died laughing when my mom gave it to me when I was pregnant with my firstborn. Now, it is the only brand we will use!

  14. haven’t tried it yet

  15. Need to dig out the “before” and “after” pics, but once on a boating trip when my daughter was around a year old she ate a HUGE amount of strawberries. The next day, she was a rashy mess. We didn’t have anything in the diaper bag, since she wasn’t normally a rashy kid, so we swung into a pharmacy/store and found the Butt Paste. The 8 and 9 year olds insisted that we buy that instead of Desitin because it was such a funny brand name. It worked wonders! Quinn lost the rash, but gained a great photo of her lying in the grass with the tube of Butt Paste. Great product!

  16. Oh yeah, we used Butt Paste A LOT. I only wish I had had it when the oldest was a baby!

  17. I actually had butt paste on my baby registry and I found that it worked very well for my baby. No diaper rash problems!

  18. Susan Smith says

    I used Boudreaux Butt Paste on by children when they were in diapers and was happy with the results. My children rarely got diaper rash

  19. Susan Smith says
  20. We haven’t needed it with our second but we used it from the first day with our first and I’m convinced that’s why he never had a rash!

  21. I don’t think I’ve ever tried Butt Paste, but the name totally appeals to my twelve-year-old sensibilities. And what an interesting, yet sad story about its creator! So glad it’s working for you. Diaper rash is the worst.

  22. DD once tried to use Boudreaux’s as glue to her crafty project, she insisted “it works the wonder and it is a magic glue because that is what we called in the house.

  23. -https://twitter.com/tcarolinep/status/372208096547860481

  24. When my son was small I used Boudreaux’s butt paste to treat diaper rash and I liked how well and fast helped heal the diaper rash and also helped prevent diaper rash .

    dealsfan32 at gmail dot com

  25. Nicole Larsen says

    Butt paste is the ONLY thing I ever use on diaper rashes! I discovered it when my now 5 yr old was a baby–I now have a newborn son and only use Butt paste on him as well 🙂

  26. Nicole Larsen says
  27. I wish I could take some Boudreaux’s back in time to use on my son when he was a baby. He really suffered with diaper rash.

  28. i don’t have a funny story, i used butt paste to saved my little one’s BUTT!!

  29. My sister is expecting her first…I’ll let her know about this! I’m sure she’ll need it in the future.

  30. Never tried it. Hopefully I won’t have to, but I would try it if I need to.

  31. Janice Cooper says

    Unfortunately I’ve never used this but would like to try it. May help with diaper rashes on my little niece.

  32. Janice Cooper says
  33. Sarah Hirsch says

    this was not around when my kids were in diapers so I have never used it

  34. I never heard of it until my kids were out of diapers. But, I’ve heard great things about the product. I thought it was a made up name the first time I heard people talk about “butt paste”. lol

  35. Wild Orchid says


  36. Wild Orchid says

    I used it with my son, and it worked great! He didn’t have too many run-ins with diaper rash, but he did on occasion. I was glad to have this on hand.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  37. haven’t had many rashes so no story here!

  38. Rebecca Graham says

    Butt Paste did a great job when my children were diaper age.

  39. this is the only diaper rash cream we use because it really works pryfamily5@gmail.com

  40. This stuff is a life saver on summer vacation. After spending time in the pool and the ocean diaper rash is often par for the course. Butt paste helps keep it at bay every single time!

  41. My family is totally a Butt Paste family too! 🙂 Love your story.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  42. ellen casper says

    Tweeted -https://twitter.com/usnamom2014/status/377278848099835904

  43. ellen casper says

    I use Boudreaux’s on my son whose skin gets irritated from the sand trapped in his swim trunks at the beach – works like a charm!

  44. I used it on my kids and it worked really well on diaper rash.

  45. I can attest to how great the stuff works for things other than diaper rash. Just say hot summer, hiking, chafing.

  46. Cody Anderson says

    Yes, we are for sure a butt paste family. Without it, diaper rash would be a major problem.

  47. My family is just me, my hubby, and our 6 house cats, so no…not a butt paste family here and no stories to tell. Sorry! I hope my comment can still be counted!

  48. i do not have kids yet but i got some for my niece and it help her so much

  49. My son always gets diaper rash from too much fruit, butt paste is the only thing that helps

  50. I haven’t tried the Boudreaux Butt Paste yet but it sounds like a great product for little ones and will have to buy this as a gift for my cousins upcoming baby shower.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  51. I need to tell my sister about this cream….it would really help my little niece!

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  52. tweeted the video

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  53. My grandson had a horrible diaper rash as a result of an antibiotic he was taking for ear infection. Diapering was a nightmare. We started using Butt Paste and within 2 days his rash was almost 100% better. We don’t use anything else after that.

  54. Amanda Sakovitz says

    Boudreaux’s Butt Paste cream has always worked great for us and soothed diaper rash many times

  55. Amanda Sakovitz says
  56. Thomas Murphy says

    My kids always got rashes and the only thing that really helped was Butt Paste.

  57. Thomas Murphy says
  58. No kids. Haven’t used Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. The video is funny.
    Thanks for the contest.

  59. I adopted my son when he was out of the diaper phase so we never had a chance to use butt paste (He does find the name funny, however). But I will keep it in mind for a baby shower I am attending soon, it will make a great addition to the gift basket I’m putting together.

  60. This product is so great for rashes. I love it.

  61. i used this product all the time when my daughter was a baby


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