June is…

June is a time of beginnings in Sluiter Nation.

School ends for the year in May and June bring the start of long days, lazy evenings, and relaxing afternoons.


June is when I begin my annual three-month stint as a stay at home mom.

We begin new routines that are less rigid and stressful.

We start smelling fresh air more often and wearing pants less often.


June is when we can’t be bothered my calendars.

Even though the calendar looks packed, we don’t find ourselves racing through our time together.

We sit back and take it bit by bit. Moment by moment.


June is always full of possibility.

The summer looms before us filled with potential.

For months Eddie and I have lain in bed listing all the things you can do in the summer like go barefoot and play with water without getting cold.

060June is when we are both busy and lazy.

Doing all the things co-exists with doing nothing.

079June is a lack urgency to use every last drop of summer before it’s over.

We have time.


June is newness.

New flowers, new projects, new possibilities.

The boys are a year older which means there is more we can handle together.


June is a release.

All the months of being everything to everyone else…June is when I am mine…and my boys’.


June is a deep, cleansing breath.


**Also Charlie is 15 months old today. WUT?

***Also Eddie will be four in 10 days. DOUBLE WUT??

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. June is awesome!!!!!!
    Love the pictures, did you use your big camera?

  2. they grow so fast, huh? i love the summer too. i wish i could stay home with them and truly have the relaxing summer vacation. someday! i hope you guys have a fantastic summer!

    • It never escapes me how lucky I am that I get to do a job I love for 9 months of the year and stay at home with my kids for 3 months. I really do have the best of both worlds. YOU have a fantastic summer too!

  3. This makes me want to be a teacher.

    • it is seriously a wonderful deal. Which I will need to come back and remind myself of sometime in november.

  4. Happy Summer! Happy June! Happy time home with the kiddos! Enjoy it, friend! 🙂

  5. I’m a stay at home mom but have been waiting for June to get here. Preschool ends in June our second little one will be here anytime in the next couple weeks and the weather is finally supposed to be nice here. It’s getting out of the house and doing things that I have been looking forward to. Unfourtantly we have been having a ton of rain and are still stuck in the house. Enjoy your summer vacation!

    • We have had a ton of rain too. Every time we have a nice day I about run over the kids to get us outside for a bit! Ha! I hope your summer gets less rainy and you guys can get out and do stuff too!

  6. Summer seems like it will last FOREVER in June.

    • right? Such a good feeling…until the calendar flips to July and it’s like “WHAT? IT’S JULY? QUICK DO ALL THE SUMMER THINGS!” 🙂

  7. June is the best. It makes the summer seem full of possibilities. And then July comes and the commercials start for Back To School.

  8. That is a fine looking lawn… a little long, but fine just the same. :^)

  9. I’ve been enjoying all your posts and comments about summer, just because of all of this. (And because we’re not quite there yet.) Enjoy!

  10. A-MEN to kids being a year older than they were last year when I felt like a cat herder. And I admit, we still put the kids to bed close to their normal, early bed time. We tried letting them play more after the time change, but they just got overtired and then COULDN’T go to sleep when we finally put them down.

    Also, it’s hot as balls here. Probably not as much there. 🙂

    • We still put the boys to bed around their normal time too because OMG the repercussions of over-tired children is just NOT worth it. But being NOT on a schedule for the rest of the day is SO very lovely. Eddie asked me this morning what sorts of things we were going to do and then commented, “I just never know what you have in your sleeve for us.” HA!

      Also, you said balls. heh.

  11. I love how you always remind me to enoy the here and now… to be thankful for the little things.

  12. Awesome. And seriously- June is my favoritest…especially for the reason you articulated so well: There’s no summer RUSH. (Happy milestone and almost-birthday to your guys!)

    • Yup, June is better than any other month to me in terms of feeling like so much possibility is stretched out before us! And thank you! I can’t believe my boys are getting so big. Where does the time go?

  13. I love this, so very much.

    (June is breathing a little bit easier, isn’t it?)

  14. I love this and it makes me miss my teaching days with summers off. Now summer is a hectic rat race of trying to work around my kid’s schedules and running them to tball and soccer and basketball and playdates.

    • being a teacher (and having SMALL kids) does have its perks, that’s for sure! I hope you guys get some relaxation in your summer too!

  15. I really love how you differentiated how June is so much more potential summer than the rush of summer. Michigan has such a short one, in a way, and sometimes by the middle/end of July I am already feeling bittersweet about the impending end. June is freshness and joy. <3

    • June is so different than July in August in Michigan too the way the temperatures tend to be less stifling. I feel like the hot, humid weather of later summer adds to the frantic-ness of it somehow. June is just…lovely 🙂

  16. First off, Charlie’s curls are killin’ me. Next, 4. HOW is this happening (as I shake my head since I know Zaid will be 4 in September). And yes, June is all of the great things beginning.

    • Dude. both boys got the curls…we just keep Eddie’s short. They get those from Cortney. Did you ever see my posts about how Cort can grow the white man’s fro. It’s seriously impressive. And four…yes…how are they turning four? Seems like that can’t be right.