The Skin I’m In

I can’t remember a time in my life that I have ever liked my skin.

Little kid me hate my arms and all the dark spots…not really freckles, but not really moles (too flat), and adolescent me broke out with the worst acne ever.  It was mostly my face (forehead in particular), but also my shoulders, chest, and upper back.

I couldn’t use any sort of cleanser aside from Dial soap or I would get more zits.  I couldn’t use any lotion (other than Clearasil) or I would get more zits.  I did all the things the doctors told me. And I got more zits.  I even took a pill for awhile.  I don’t think it helped.

In 7th grade the boys would sing “connect the dots, la la la” to me about my face (remember Pee Wee’s Playhouse? Yeah, thanks, dude.).  Also in 7th grade a boy I really liked a lot told me I was too ugly to ever get a boyfriend.

My skin was in direct opposition with my self-esteem.

In college, my skin sort of cleared up.  Being on the pill helped since it regulated my hormones better, which my body SO needed.  But even putting sun block on my face meant I was going to pay for it in the way of white heads the next day.

My “skin routine” still only involved Dial soap and no lotion, creams, or foundation make-ups. Wash it, dry it, go.

This lasted into my 20’s when my acne started to disappear (for the most part), however; then the effects of too much sun on my face crept in.

And wouldn’t you know…getting myself knocked up has wrecked so much havoc on my skin, I may as well be a pre-teen again.

People? It is EMBARRASSING teaching high schoolers who have better skin than I have.  It’s HUMILIATING having to use Clearasil before going to school…as if I was still a teenager.

I was crabbing about this a few months ago on twitter and Francesca responded and asked if she could send me a little sampling of Bona Clara skin products.

I was nervous because usually, trying new fancy pants things = a mega breakout for me. But that cleanser? CLEANSED.  And the cream? Took away the dryness, but did NOT make my skin turn into an oil slick.

And–I can’t believe I am saying this–but my acne actually cleared up.

And then my sample was gone.

And I was sad.

But then Francesca was like, “hey, do you want to have an online party?”

And I was like. “…” because I sort of hate online parties.

But then she was all, “I’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to Sandy Hook Victims.”

And I said, “Let’s DO IT!”

So, you can head over to my party by clicking this link (or check it out on facebook).

I know the product is a bit spendy. Ok, it’s maybe a lot spendy.  But I thought about how much I spend at Ulta on face cleanser and lotion and really, this isn’t that much more.  Plus it works better.

And for how much grief my skin has caused me over the past almost 35 years, I decided that maybe if I treat it nice, it will be nicer to me.  You know, the whole Golden Rule…but with my skin?

Really what it comes down to is that I have finally accepted the FACT that I deserve to feel beautiful in the skin I am in.  And this product helps me with that.  Maybe it’s more than you would like to spend. I get that. It’s taken me over 20 years to figure out that maybe my skin is where I should splurge since I can, and have it look and feel great.

And when my face feels beautiful, I know that feeling shows through and I LOOK beautiful.

So go shopping. You know, if you want to. Remember: part of the proceeds (Francesca’s commission, in fact, will get donated to the United Way to help Sandy Hook victims. )

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Legal Stuff: I was not compensated in any way by Bona Clara.  I was sent the teeny tiny little teaser size samples, but was not told to blog about it.  Francesca offered to do the party to help Sandy Hook victims, but did not ask me to blog about it.  I chose to do both because I really love the product and the party is for a great cause.

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. So glad you found something that works for you.
    I know all about troubled skin, I battled it from age 18-27!
    Thankfully, it’s settled down now. It’s like the 2nd pregnancy hormones is still a lingering as far as skin is concerned. Can’t complain.

  2. wasnt_serious says

    I am right there with you. My skin in HS was AWFUL! The doctor put me on pill just to try to clear it up. It helped some. College helped more. I still have issue finding soaps that don’t make me break-out. Proactive helps, but only for a while.

    • I was told to try proactive with the same caution…that it stops working. I didn’t want to even go there. This stuff rocks. And even though it’s sort of expensive, it lasts forEVER because you don’t need to use a ton, ya know?

  3. In middle school, I was known as the Oxidizer.

  4. My skin woes come and go. It is very cyclical for me and it stinks! I don’t use much on my face but would consider giving it a try!

    • It’s really good because it’s actually made for skin by decade. So I use the “30’s” stuff and it is perfect. And yeah, my skin is cyclical too…this helps with that too. Love it. And like I said to someone else, at first I was like “dude. that is so expensive”, but it lasts forEVER, so it ends up being more worth it than anything else I buy that doesn’t work as well, ya know?

  5. I never had a problem until I had kids. It’s been downhill ever since!

  6. Tina McLarty says

    If I could, I would go back to 7th grade and punch that boy in the mouth. I wonder if it was the same one that teased me about the way I walked…

  7. You’ll have your skin forever. And trust me, at 45, I wish I would’ve taken better care of my skin at 35 (when I was still occasionally getting carded at bars). So, when you find something that works, it’s worth paying for.

    • I totally agree, Doni! My grandma took GREAT care of her skin and it was so soft and beautiful. I figure I can’t complain about my skin if I don’t even take care of it the way I should, right?

  8. I sell and use Bona Clara products! And I think Francesca is wonderful, in general, but also for reaching out to you and donating to Sandy Hook! I just wanted to share 2 things. 1. The products last 3-4 months so it really is worth the money! And 2. I am in my 30’s as well and find myself with more acne than ever before! The founder of Bona Clara, Jasmina, said it is because our skin takes twice as long to regenerate than it did in our 20’s, and that is why the Scrub is super important!!! Thanks!, Holly

    • Francesca is LOVELY, right? I agree…I should have added that the product lasts FOREVER, so it’s totally worth it rather than buying inferior stuff more often. I would much rather pay a bit extra, have it last longer, and have the awesome results. Thanks for your comment!

  9. my skin sucks. apparently, my body has decided every month when im ovulating to break out worse than it did when i WAS a teenager. waaaaaaaaaah.

    • TELL ME ABOUT IT! It’s so terrible…that is when I break out like a teenage boy too! I am TELLING you, I wish I had taken before and after pictures…this stuff is AMAZING for that. I seriously only get like one or two little zits now instead of a massive chin-ful.

  10. dude, the boys in HS were dicks, and I actually know the boys you went to high school with.

  11. I’m pretty lucky with my skin for the most part. The thing is, if I do break out? They stay for-freaking-ever. I don’t even know how it’s possible to have a zit for months but that is my life. Like I said, thankfully it doesn’t happen too often but it’s as if when my skin does decide to break out it makes up for lost time.

  12. I would love to try it – since having kids it’s like Im a teenager again (zits) plus super dry skin :/

  13. I have the worst skin ever. I’ve never heard of this product but would absolutely love to try it!

  14. No one deserves bad skin! (Well, except maybe those boys you went to High School with!!) Glad you found something that works for you!

  15. My skin is great for the most part, but it seems for me less is more. As soon as I get the fancy stuff I am all excited for I break out. Simple warm water and a rag seem to be the best for this face!

  16. My skin is …. OK? I don’t have a skin care routine. I don’t even wash it regularly, even in the shower. My skin isn’t bad it’s just not …. great.

  17. This stuff sounds amazing! My skin has been crazy for me the last couple weeks!

  18. Times are tough right now and I just can’t justify a facial. Would love to try these on my needy skin!

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