not the worst ever, but not the best

At 16 I got into a car accident, flipping my car upside down into a ditch.

At 18 a guy I really liked, an upperclassman at my college, asked me out for Valentine’s day. He did not make reservations anywhere, so we ended up at Applebee’s. Then he bought a 6-pack and fell asleep watching MTV on my dorm floor.  We never spoke again.

At 19 I went to a Valentine’s Day house party at friend’s house.  It was the epic ending to a 3-night party (all hosted at different houses) extravaganza they held.  Valentine’s Day was on a Saturday, so there had been a theme party on Thursday, then one on Friday, and now a Valentine’s Day party.  These guys were so smart they sold a TICKET to get into all three parties.  It was so fun.  Until the cops broke up the Valentine’s party, and my ride (who was 21) was inside preoccupied by a guy while I sat on a curb crying because not only did I not have a boyfriend, but my DD had just deserted me.

At 20 my steady boyfriend lived an hour-drive from my college and there was a horrible snow storm Valentine’s weekend preventing me from leaving college to spend the weekend with him.

At 21, 22, & 23,  my steady boyfriend found new and interesting ways to let me down on Valentine’s Day.

At 24, my steady boyfriend let a girl at work make me a lame gift of a balloon shaped like a flower.  I found it on the kitchen table of his apartment after he told me he needed to sleep off a hangover.

It’s been 10 years since I had a shitty Valentine’s Day.

Apparently that meant I was overdue.

Eddie has been sick. We are pretty sure he has a case of the plague flu that is going around. He has a fever that bounces from almost non-existent to almost 102 degrees.  He ranges from acting totally normal to being sluggish and tired.  He is sleeping like absolute crap which means so are we.

We almost sent him to daycare today (Thursday). It seemed as if he was totally back to normal and I had taken a day off unnecessarily.

And then he gagged on a bite of hotdog and the mucus that is making a mass exodus from his face culminating in vomit all over his lunch plate.

Charlie cried through lunch because I couldn’t get right to him.

I slept maybe an hour the night before.

We were all strung out.

I started to cry and cry and cry.  I apologized to Eddie for making him take a bite of hotdog after he told me he just couldn’t eat.  I apologized to Charlie for getting upset with him.   I may have tweeted and facebooked about it being the WORST. VALENTINE’S DAY. EVER.

I just don’t understand why my buddy is still sick

After only an hourish nap for Eddie, and his eyes still looking glassy and his fever still above 100, I decided to call the nurse.  The office was closed.

Of course it was.

So I decided my baby boy needed to go to Urgent Care. Cort was on board, so as soon as he walked through the door, we packed a jammy-clad Eddie up, and off they went.

Ninety minutes, a step test, and chest x-rays later, they were back with a diagnosis.  A virus.  We were doing everything right.  Just keep it up.  They had no idea when it would leave him alone.

Both Cort and I have taken two days off from work this week.  We can’t financially afford for Cort to take another day off, and I can’t take another day off this week and be able to feel ok about the academic success of my students this week.  Plus I would have had to drive all the way in tonight since I don’t have sub plans for tomorrow.

This day just kept heaping on the crap.

But I was wrong about it being the worst Valentine’s Day ever.

I got tons of cuddles from Eddie today.

I got giggles and hugs from Charlie.

Cort brought me a starbucks latte home at lunch and cookies in a tube to make Eddie a Valentine’s Day treat, even if they did turn out hideously ugly.

Eddie colored me a Valentine.

Cort hugged me tightly even though I was stinky and strung out.

My mom called and offered for Eddie to go to their house tomorrow so Cort and I can both go to work.

Eddie told me I make great Fruit Loops with milk.

I got paid.

Eddie was super excited to get a few candy Kisses and new Superhero undies for Valentine’s day. He was even more excited when I told him he could also have Charlie’s candy Kisses.

Cort agreed to be my Valentine for the 9th year in a row.


Today was most definitely not the worst Valentine’s Day ever…but it will probably won’t go down as the best either.

As Cort said, we are making memories….even ones that aren’t always awesome, but they will be retold a million times over the years.

And that is a gift in and of itself.


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  1. All is well that ends well?

  2. Poor little guy. And poor you. I hope Eddie feels better really soon so all your lives can get back to normal.

  3. Sorry about the yuck, and poor Eddie. 🙁 Get well soon, buddy.
    Hope you managed to get some sleep.
    It’s kinda awesome that you can see the good in what could be looked at a total crap day. Yay for that.

  4. That same plague has been making its rounds here as well. Ranging from vomiting to coughing to every other thing in between.. hope he gets better real soon

  5. Yeah, cuddles are a great equalizer for suck these days . . . I really hope everyone in the Sluiter household is feeling better, soon. I, personally, haven’t been able to breathe, properly, through my nose since the Carter administration (that may be a slight exaggeration) . . . and I don’t think I’ve ever seen CJ without some form of snot trying to leave his body.

    Things’ll get better.

  6. I hope your little fella is better soon!!

    Also, on Valentine’s Day two years ago, I told my then husband that I wanted a divorce, so I figure any other Valentine’s Day, no matter what happens, it can’t quite be that bad :-).

  7. It’s a beautiful gift to see the good our of all the funk….even sickness.

  8. Stupid virus! I am so sorry that Eddie is till sick and this has been such a bad week… on a funny note, when I read the line “I got paid”, my mine read it as “I got laid” and I was like, you go girl. 🙂

  9. Poor Eddie! Way to look for the silver lining, you awesome momma, you!