Friday Funnies

Eddie has a certain pair of navy and red striped socks from Old Navy he got waaay back when that were always too big to wear with shoes.  He adopted them as socks he wears with jammies and named them his “Sleepy Socks.”

Recently the sleepy socks blew out holes in the toes and heels.

Other socks wouldn’t do and I had to go to Old Navy and hunt down more striped ones.  I could only find navy and yellow stripes.

He was legit disappointed, but gave the a shot.

They were on the floor after the second night.

Just not the same, I guess.

(I may have washed and stashed the original Sleepy Socks in a shoebox of keepsakes. What?)


Charlie might turn out to be a class clown.

He likes to make us all laugh at dinner by making VERY odd noises and strange blowing/raspberry sounds.

He even pauses with a chill little grin on his face so we can all fall over ourselves laughing at him before he starts up again.

And with that little grin, his face says, “You are such fools.  Such easy-to-entertain fools.”


The other night I was cuddling with Eddie at bedtime (more on the new bedtime routine in another post).

He was in that place between awake and sleeping when he rolled to his side.

I caught a whiff of stale milk smell.

“Eddie? Did you toot?

“Just sleep mom. Don’t worry ’bout it.”


Boys are gross.

I am sure girls are too, but my boys? Are gross.


When Eddie was Charlie’s age, he used to have a Poop Spot–a place next to our bookcase that he liked to stand in (with the cupboard door open so it was like he was behind a little wall) while he did his “jobbies”.

Just recently, Charlie has been going to the same place to do his business.

I find it hilarious.

Cortney seems less amused.


Eddie has recently learned that girls and boys do not have the same…um…equipment.

Although, he has no idea what girls actually have other than I told him the word, “vagina”.

Now, every time I go to the bathroom, I get interviewed:

“Mom? You are going to the bathroom?”



“Nope.  Just pee.”

“You are sitting though, right?”


“Because you are a girl. You don’t have a penis. Right?”

“That’s right.”

I will admit that I never pictured myself telling my 3 year old son through a closed door that I was not, in fact, peeing out of my butt.


Charlie kisses stuffed animals.  It’s cute.

He also kisses his reflection in the window.  Again, super cute.

But he also has fights with the baby in the window.

Loud fights.

With pounding on the window.

And stink eye at me as if I had something to do with this idiot in the window who is copying all his moves.

It is both hilariously cute and a tad crazy.


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  1. I have 2 girls. We haven’t taught our 4yo proper anatomy yet (I’m always afraid I’m going to give her too much info), but she asked me one day, “Mama, why does Daddy pee from his belly instead of his bottom?” I tried not to die laughing. While still amused, my husband was not as amused. 😛

    • Ha ha! Eddie saw his dad’s…um…equipment recently. Not to give TMI, but needless to say he wanted to know if his would get that big if he kept drinking his milk. HA HA HA!

  2. As a mom of 3 boys I totally get the boys are weird. When my oldest was a little over 3 Lion King was on constant repeat. Good thing I loved that movie as much as he did. Anyway I was pregnant with our next baby, HUGELY pregnant. Like JJ bras and I hadn’t seen my feet in weeks. I normally keep things trimmed up down there, but had been unable to maintain thanks to my enormous size and girth. I was in the shower one day and he strolled in to go pee, I didn’t hear him. I stepped out putting him eye level with that area. He looked at me and said, ” mufasa mufasa mufasa” . I employed Daddy to help trim things up that night. After laughing till I nearly peed down both legs and shooing him out of the bathroom.

  3. Hee!! Love this. Boys ARE gross. And super cute.
    I need to write a post about this too, will link back. 🙂

    • you go right ahead. I had a list of these that were never long enough to be blog posts, but I SO needed to write down. So my Friday Funnies were born. I might do them weekly. Or monthly. What do you think?

  4. Bhahahaha! These all have me giggling, but the bedtime and the bathroom anecdotes have me laughing out loud!

    Boys ARE gross. And smelly. Just wait until they turn five…I have to tell you that it gets worse (and way less funny).

  5. These are so funny, I especially love that Charlie fights with himself in the window. Hilarious! Makes me excited to see what kind of little person my boy becomes.

    • It’s so funny because I totally {and naively} thought I knew what to expect with Charlie since I already had a boy. I was so wrong. Other than knowing how to take care of a baby, everything was different. Charlie is definitely his own person…his own hilarious person.

  6. Boys are awesome. And gross. And awesome! Daniel has started asking me at random times like when we’re in the car, “Mommy, do you need to go potty?” When he was working on dressing himself, he’d mutter, “that’s the wrong hole” and I replied, “That’s a life lesson!”

  7. Mamaintheburbs says

    Too funny! I put a picture on IG yesterday of my daughter pooping in a corner behind all her toys. And trust me she toots on me all the time;)

  8. I’ve always loved the babies who love the baby in the mirror, but Z was like Charlie: “Get this damn interloper outta my face!” And yeah, he’s much nastier than the girls were, BUT he is converting them to his nasty ways. It’s amazing to watch actually. Previously docile little dainty creatures who now purposely fart around others. I am so proud.

    • damn interloper! Ha! That is funny!

      Stinky kids are funny until the stinky gets ridiculous. I think we crossed the line into ridiculous at our house. Just in time for Charlie to learn about it. Sigh.

  9. I have to agree… boys are gross and just to be fair girls can be too. I know this to be true because I’ve been witness to some of the gross things my girls have done. Thankfully they don’t do them in public!
    Andrew on the other hand is all boy and just doesn’t care.

  10. Boys are so very gross and funny. This boy mom thing is something else, huh? Love it. 🙂

  11. I. Love. Your. Boys.

  12. Boys will be boys. We are learning the anatomically correct terms. Lucas is very confused as to where my penis is.


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